saturday awesomesauce

i have much awesomeness to show you (and you gotta know it’s sweet for me to post *twice* in one day!), so i’m not even gonna waste time with an intro.

pretend i wrote something witty 😉 and check this out!

HOD/para designs

new piercings, new *fabulous* tattoo && new necklace… from two of my absolute favorite stores! both released today and both reduced me to a pile of “sdkfsjdfhdf”.

so first! the tattoo. it is from para designs && is an amped up version of a tatt set out the other day for free. the design is deliciously dark, but brightly colored, and as always comes on every layer possible for easier wearing && in colored and black versions. and the fact that it’s *discounted* right now for super bargain saturday makes this a fantastic deal. if you love para designs like i do, you neeeeeeed this ink! srsly ❤

now, the piercings && necklace… both are from hod. i honestly think aydan darcy can do no wrong when it comes to making jewelry. and she is always generous with the options!

HOD/para designs
please click to see it larger!
on the left: the crow’s crux in silver lining w/ feathers
on the right: the crow’s crux in slide

the piercings come in lovely textures, of which i’m only showing two. and there’s two separate piercings: one with feathers in the mouth && one without. i am *such* a sucker for septum rings && these, with the attached cross, make this set sooo amazing.

and the necklace…

HOD/para designs
please click to see it larger!
from left to right: the crosary in v1, v2, v3 && v4

even more options! \o/ the crosary comes with several different ways to wear it. version one is just the necklace, with the crow’s skull && beak at the end. version two includes extra ropes at the neck. versions three and four have razors attached to the extra ropes, either bloody (version four) or not (version three). there’s even the ropes with and without the razors as a separate attachment, to layer with other necklaces. this = big thumbs up from vixxie~

two posts today from me is totally warranted, especially since my ink is discounted only until midnight tonight && the necklaces and piercings were just released today. if you’re heading across the grid to pick up the hod goodies, they are available only at the *new* satellite store on the zombie popcorn sim. you know i’ll hook you up with the right slurls, but since it’s in a new location.. i thought i’d give a head’s up. ;3

get the goods yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; maitreya faye in beach blonde
tattoo; para designs flaming skulls
eyes; curio @ hair fair tragic eyes (freebie)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod the crow’s crux
top && panties; roots 00d10045 (group gift)
heels; paper couture suede platform pumps in black
nails; pulcino border nail in black && purple
necklace; hod the crosary

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  1. Ominora Squeegee

     /  09/19/2010

    That is totally awesome:)


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