this week’s fifty linden friday sale was full of *win*. cute top from surf couture, a new sleeve tattoo from katatonik \o/, cute tees… jeans…

and my favorite item of my entire FLF haul: this cardigan from reek. it’s cute in the red version, but this pretty tan… unf~ <333


sweaters like this just look like autumn to me. especially in a color like this, a soft && warm beige. it’s a nice neutral so it works with practically *anything*, as i’m showing here. brown, shades of green green and some black thrown in for good measure.. it all works (or at least, i think it does ;p) and looks so nice and warm!

the jeans i’m wearing are from ricielli — i bought so many goodies from the sale there! i loved the pattern on these and the *color* specifically, i don’t already own a pair in this silvery, minty green and snagged these up quick. plus, they’re low cut but not so low cut that they give you plumber’s crack.. which seems to be an ongoing thing with jeans. don’t get me wrong, i can rock that look 😉 but sometimes, i don’t want my ass hangin’ out. it’s cold, damnit! my buttcheeks need to stay warm too.

and! the tank i’m wearing in brown from onyx wear is only gonna run you one linden. there are dollarbies dotted all over the store && this top is one of ’em. i *highly* recommend popping over there for some awesome stuff, jeans and tees and skirts.. lots of nice separates. you’re welcome. ^_~


my tattoo is a past freebie from para designs. it was only set out for free for one day ;( and i totally should’ve blogged it sooner. i’m not 100% sure if it’s up for sale now that it’s no longer free, but if it *is* for sale.. it’s absolutely worth going to pick it up! the design is awesome across the entire midsection && was the perfect tattoo for this look. that part of my chest was the only bare skin exposed to show off a tatt! aha~

the belt i’m wearing is *new* from moloko. i have such a hard time with belts and i’m not sure why. fitting them can be a task sometimes, they either fit the width of my waist *or* fit around my hips.. though often, not both. ;/ this belt however fit almost perfectly right out of the box. \o/ and not only that! the entire thing is color- and texture-change. the leather on the belt, the color of the studs, there’s a ribbon on the back (that i didn’t photograph, my bad!) along with some cute buttons && other danglies… almost everything is customizable. i love that. it makes matching (or purposely mismatching) so easy to do.

is it wrong that i look forward to 50L friday every week? >.> rocking friday, too. they make tgif mean even more than it already does, but when designers set out fantabulous goodies like they did this week? it’s practically *orgasmic*.


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in fate
hair; truth gigi in swedish
tattoo; para designs deadly prayer
eyes; shine monet iris (freebie)
makeup; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; twee diamond
tank; onyx wear tank top in brown (dollarbie)
sweater; reek papercut cardigan in cream
jeans; ricielli eta jeans in greenlist
boots; kboots kboots in black
nails; candy nail aqua green
collar; mariposa severus choker
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt

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