sometimes, halloween is about… indulgences. the holiday gives you free reign to dress up as whatever you like. a vampire, a ghost, a zombie…. anything that tickles your fancy.

so today, it’s actually my best friend who inspired these costumes. bff vivi is *all* about the anime, so when we found a few key accessories on the marketplace..


…i knew i’d have to indulge her, just a li’l bit.

these mesh heads from utilizator are all kinds of awesome — i’m wearing the regular female version but vivienne is wearing the *chibi* style (and is so cute i could scream x3) — and are chalk full of options. there are several facial expressions, including different mouth and eyebrow positions, as well as different eye styles and colors… and each come in three skin tones, with matching skins and head pieces, for tons of customization.

these would be fantastic for cosplay in sl — emulating a favorite character from an anime or manga series would be a breeze with these head pieces — but they also work for making up your own types of characters like vivi && i have done.


she and i decided to dress as close as we could get to *anime schoolgirls*, with her outfit coming from collabor88 by r2. when the collection rolled over at the beginning of the month && we saw these sailor suits out… vivienne and i both knew we had to do something with them for halloween. luckily for us, rei2 aya made some *fantastic* mesh pieces that were perfect for the looks we were going for and vivi looks so freakin’ cute in this outfit.


mine, on the other hand, comes from monso… and i *love* it. the version i grabbed comes with a bunch of color options for every single part of the outfit — from the trim on the jacket to different styles and colors for the tie at the neck — and is wonderfully constructed. it was absolutely perfect for a schoolgirl look && i spent much longer than i’d care to admit, just pushing buttons on the HUD to see all the color combinations.

while vivi went with a lunchbox (from love soul), i decided to wear a backpack.. one i’ve had from pink fuel for a very long time now. i’m glad i had it, it really came in handy for adding just that li’l extra touch to my costume, and i mean.. it’s pink fuel. and it’s a bunny. you cannot go wrong!

i always tend to lean on the scarier side of halloween, but that doesn’t mean every costume has to be freaky ‘n’ blood-soaked. being super adorable works just as well, too!


ps. these last four pics were taken in a photo booth on the love soul sim… while they turned out adorable, i’ve no idea what the text says across the top of each panel (i just kinda mashed buttons on the dialog box until the backdrop was cute enough). here’s hoping it’s appropriate!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
head/skin; utilizator anime avatar base m2
hair; truth uma in barbie
ears/tail; omen kitsune soft colors
outfit; monso my school look
socks; kyoot lacey white knee socks
shoes; deco donna heel in black white
glasses; epic kyoot nerdy glasses in baby pink
nails; rezipsa loc pink nails french
ring; love soul rabbit ring
ice cream; love soul panda ice cream
bag; pink fuel stitched white rabbit backpack
pet; ohmai emporium pygmy puff in custard

on vivienne tailleur (red hair) ::
head/skin; utilizator chibi anime avatar base m2
hair; magika faint
ears/tail; magika neko
top; r2 @ collabor88 sailor blouse in navy
skirt; r2 @ collabor88 sailor skirt in white/navy line
socks; katat0nik thailor socks
shoes; edelweiss marchen shoes
nails; candy nail basic nails in blue 01
lunchbox; love soul lunchbox in red apple
ice cream; love soul triple choco mint
pet; ohmai emporium pygmy puff in crimson

poses; magnifique
location; itutu

lemon && mint

lemon && mint… are a delicious combo. peppermint tea mixed with a li’l lemon juice.. or a mojito with lemon instead of lime? yuuuuuuuum.

it is one of my personal favorite flavor combos, so i decided to do my own take on minty lemon with my look for today..


..which, coincidentally, is also a round-up of items from various sales events going on right now! \o/

stumblebum has a new round of goodies up, all in shades of cool teal, warm yellow && bright peach. the lacey cropped top i’m wearing is part of the set out @ kyoot, my hair and the adorable headband are from truth, and the pose in the picture above is one from the offerings at frooti. stumblebum is one of those events that i always get excited for — some of my absolute favorite brands, with color palettes that have always been so pretty (and work so well together, too!)… what is there to not be excited for?

another such sale that i get super pumped for.. is collabor88. since it’s the beginning of the month, that means a *new* collection is on its way. so i visited the other day, to do one last go-over of the things out now, and realized i bought these r2 pumps in minty-blue and hadn’t yet worn them. the color choices are to die for gorgeous (and i bought these same heels in lavender too, ’cause i liked ’em that much!) and this light turquoise is so, so pretty. the bow accent on the toes is a nice touch, too.. i am a sucker for li’l details like that!


the cardigan i’m wearing, with its wonderful fluttery sleeves, is out @ the *last* fashionably late from ison. not only was i happily surprised by the price (just a mere *99L* per color), but i was also impressed with the fit… and how soft && flowy this garment looks. i had to have it in this pretty mint shade, but black… and gray… and beige… i may be coming back for you before the sale ends on the 8th.

the whole collection for fashionably late is definitely befitting of a fabulous end to a really great sales event.. there are *so* many designers && *so* many awesome items that i highly recommend checking it out before it’s all over!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in espresso
hair; truth helia in swedish (stumblebum item!)
tattoo; para designs reverence
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in hazel
lip color; a.e. meth matte lip tint in fuchsia
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod reach
tank; kyoot lacey little top in soft yellow (stumblebum item!)
sweater; ison @ fashionably late kimono sleeve cardigan in mint
jeans; maitreya zipper skinny jeans
heels; r2 @ collabor88 mele in turquoise
necklace; amorous cathartik
nails; virtual insanity square nails in plain summer 2012

poses; frooti (first pic — stumblebum item!) && glitterati (second pic — sale going on right now!)
location; tableau


tan && blonde. if you’ve read my blog.. ever, really.. you’ll know that tan && blonde is like my mantra. my motto. my way of life.

but this past weekend, bein’ all bubblegum has given me inspiration. def not a *permanent* inspiration (and truth be told, this probably is one of the rare times i’ll listen to said inspiration).. but it’s inspiration none the less!


yeah, both those looks? it’s li’l ole vixxie. dark hair && pale skin, it’s usually not my thing. but the new alizee face from candydoll is *sooooo* pretty that i could not help but embrace a vampire-esque kinda look. all i need is some heavy eyeliner, some fake teeth && a sim set on perpetual midnight and i’d be good to go! :K

in fact, it’s not just my skin(s), but the bulk of both of my outfits are from candydoll. the beautiful rebeca dembo is not only talented at making skins… but with super cute separates as well. the long-sleeved cropped tops are *new* && so are the low-cut capris — both in tons upon tons of color choices.

but the skin.. so gorgeous. and take a look at these perdy makeups~

click to see it larger!
from left to right ::
blue (my personal favorite :3), pink, smokey, natural, lila && green

now i’ve blogged candydoll skins in the past, so you know i already adore them. but there are two specific things i love about this skin brand.

one, no one on the grid makes skins with sexier stomachs than candydoll. hands down, all the skins i own && have tried from candydoll have the most perfect tummies out of my (large.. ahem) folder of skins.

and two, the lips. always so pretty && glossy. from really subdued, natural tones to bright and vibrant shades, the lips on candydoll skins are gorgeous.

alizee, however, includes mix&&match-able lipstick tattoos (win!).. so you can do as i’ve done and wear the smokey eye makeup with red lips in tan, or on the pale skin.. wear the blue eye makeup with the lipcolor from the lilac skin. customization is *huge* with me — i really like to customize to my own personal preferences. and makeup tattoo layers are such a big part of this.

oh, and! just as a head’s up to all you ladies like me who are less busty than the average avatar: alizee has several different cup-size options, all on tattoo layers. the base is less shaded around the boobies, but you can move up && down depending on what you’re wearing and how tittylicious you && your shape are feeling that day. plus, this skin… no matter which cup size you are.. has some *fantastically* sexy breasts. …i’m just sayin’.

i prefer to be perpetually *sunkissed*, but the paler tone is just as stunning. and looks great with dark hair, though *both* tones come with black && blonde eyebrow options. i will forever be a blonde at heart, but nothing is as gothic-sexy as alabaster skin and a contrast of deep black hair…


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll alizee tan in smokey w/ blue lipstick && alizee pale in blue w/ lila lipstick
hair blonde; exile @ TDR blue lucia roots in stefani mix
hair black; lamb oh sugar in ink
tattoo upper; para designs neptune
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in navy
plugs; pepper plugs stars
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && bull’s ring
tops; candydoll hottie in blue && black
corsets; sn@tch sookie corset in python && white leopard
capris; candydoll t.b jeans in black && white
heels; r2 kupulau (hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc @ kozmetika lemondrop nails
necklace; zenith feather necklace (hunt prize)
cigarette; hello dave smokes short