it’s getting *clooooooser*! only *two* more days until halloween.. are you excited as i am!?

the costume look i’ve got for today is another one for halloween on a budget. i already did one costume on the cheap && today, i’ve got a second one~


i know it’s already made rounds on the feeds, but i could *not* resist blogging this dress from g field myself. it’s *free* and so adorable.. and perfectly halloween. and i immediately saw it as a very appropriate dress for a witch to wear.

so i added in some more free accessories.. like the orange ‘n’ black nails + bracelet combo i’m wearing here is a *group gift* for candy nail group members. you know i love my prim nails && the gifts from candy nail are always lovely, so i was excited to see these out for the taking. the set comes with a pair of earrings as well, which i’m not wearing here, but it all works well for adding in some extra halloween colors into a look.


the li’l one-tooth’d pumpkin i’m hugging above, as well as the bats i had swirling all around me (which look *amazing* but are so hard to photograph! but they’re there, i promise! eh heh) are both vip group gifts from epic. if you’re in need of some more halloween goodies, the epic group is *so* worth the price of admission. jade winthorpe is always generous to her groupies && there are lots of halloween-themed gifts for group members… currently, there’s a pumpkin backpack, the pumpkin i’m hugging here, the animated bats (which you’ll just have to go and grab to see for yourself, my pics don’t really do ’em justice), a mesh dress in three different designs and a pair of faun hooves that are *all* free to group members.

the spider pendant necklace i’ve got on is a *dollarbie* from kosh.. the hat i’m wearing is part of a set that comes in several different colors that’s out @ sakide, which gives you a *lot* of bang for your buck (the set includes the hat, a dress, boots, and gloves!)… and even the pumpkin-holding poses i used here from magnifique are cute, inexpensive and include all the pumpkins you’d ever need for posing *or* rezzing around for decorations.

so now there’s no excuse! with so many freebies && cheapies on the grid for halloween, you seriously have to dress up with me! >3

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel kumi peach in defined w/ lip glaze in midnight
hair; wasabi pills @ cinema taylor in seafoam
eyes; insufferable dastard gleeful eyes in yellow
eye makeup; kyoot feline in autumn forest
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod silentium
dress; g field classic dress vivian in halloween (freebie!)
leggings; rezipsa loc punkin tights in orange (past freebie – unsure if these specifically are still available but there are lots of other inexpensive tights there!)
boots; pixelfashion devil boots in black
necklace; kosh pavouk necklace (dollarbie!)
nails/bracelet; candy nail tears halloween set (group gift!)
hat; sakide naughty witch hat in black
pumpkin (first pic in second collage); epic kawaii rotten pumpkin huggie (group gift!)
bats; epic bat buddy (group gift!)

poses && props; magnifique
location; sentinel dreams

walk on water

i’ll keep this brief.. because i’d rather the pictures i took speak for themselves instead of me blabberin’ on && on as a distraction. ;p

the zombie popcorn hunt *prize* from sakide is all kinds of amazing. i’ve been trying to make an outfit fitting for it since the hunt started && i think i finally succeeded! \o/ the skeletal corset && body suit i’m wearing here are included in the package, as well as a poofy skirt, in clean and bloodied versions. it’s amazing and i am in *love* with it.. and you only have until the *15th* to go snag it for free.

also! my skin, eye makeup && face makeup today are from nuuna’s and all are just divine. her makeup packs, her skins, her tattoo-layer brows.. just… mmhmmm, she does gorgeous work. the black color-block face makeup and the beside-the-eyes makeup are both *new* and with every release, she just gets better and better. i *adore* her brand for her creativity (and the fact that she’s a sweetheart is just icing on the cake ;D) and if you’ve never visited nuuna’s, you definitely need to go. like, right now. right now. go!

but with that said.. onto the look!



click to see them larger @ flickr!

get the look yourself:
skin; nuuna’s fever
hair; truth marielle 2 in crow
tattoo; virtual insanity anatomy
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night v2 in colorless
eye makeup; nuuna’s kaia makeup in black
face makeup; nuuna’s ninja makeup in black (i layered the 50% opacity && the 80% opacity versions together to get an even darker effect)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
necklace; hod fallen
bodysuit && skeleton corset; sakide heart keeper dress (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
boots; pixelfashion devil boots in black
wings; favole fallen
nails; onyx wear double flick b/w

poses; fayse

not your typical vix && viv

be forewarned! long post && pic spam ahoy~!

so. i’m thinking about making it a thing on my blog… like, a challenge, but only to myself. maybe once every week/every other week, i’ll.. “step out of the box”.. yknow, just to change things up a bit.

’cause i gotta say, dressing outside the normal vixxie.. is fun as fuck. ;3

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

y’see, it all started with a li’l sale going on at pixeldolls. all dresses, mens stuffs && separates are a big whopping 25L. and bff vivi and i, of course, went to check it out. now normally, i’m not a *frilly dress* type girl.. most of the dresses i own are of the mini variety. but since everything was so deliciously cheap, i picked up quite a few actual dresses.. and realized i was in love with them. ^O^

the dress, puffy sleeves an’ all, is from the sale @ pixeldolls. and i built my entire look around it because i liked it so much.

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

wearing this dress was the *perfect* excuse to wear one of these new skins from nuuna’s. unf… they are gorgeous. i am slowly becoming obsessed with her skins, these black && white ones in particular, because they are so different from anything else i own. and for a skin that looks like this? i will gladly give up my tanned body && blonde hair to try on somethin’ a li’l more.. dark and devilish. and the fact that you not only get one, but *four* skins in the pack for 300L.. i want to kiss nuuna nitely for putting out such affordable awesomeness like this!

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

and of course, vivienne && i had to match.. right? her dress, with it’s *super* sexy see-through bodice, is also from the sale at pixeldolls. i tried to keep my snapshots of her… tasteful, but this particular dress is def for the daring. not overly so, but y’know.. if you don’t mind a peek of nip, then you’re good to go~

plus the tiered skirt, the lovely lace arms, *and* the matching stockings that come with it make this dress more than a deal.

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

the hair viv chose is one of the *new* releases by ploom @ hair fair. it’s one i’ve not picked up (yet!), but it’s ridiculously cute. i love the blocky streaks && blunt cut bangs… it seems like every time i think i’ve made my rounds at hair fair, i see something else i love and instantly want. /me shakes fist at all the talented hair creators

and those wings? while i went *all over* dark, vivienne mixed in bits and bobs of white. makes the contrast stand out even more. her feathery wings are from illusions (and so are her teeth && horns!), and they look so striking against the muted background && her dark hair. my bff is uber sexy, isn’t she?~

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

so sexy, apparently, i felt the need to grope her bewbies… /me coughs…

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (solid black hair) ::
skin; nuuna’s ellivu
hair; head mistress @ hair fair just jen in black
tattoo; fayse and love said no (coming soon ;P)
eyes; repulse nocturnal eyes in red
makeup; nuuna’s symphony (part of a piercing set @ hod)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
eyeliner; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in red
tears; porcupine love bloody tears
horns; rue horn’d fool deaux in ghost ridged
piercings; mandala takayama
dress; pixeldolls twilight ragged black (25L sale)
stockings; american bazaar viper sock fishnets
wings; bare rose black virtue lady closed wings
boots; pixelfashion devil boots
collar; cobrahive parade collar
necklace; hod the crosary
nails; love soul silver french dark color in black

on vivienne tailleur (streaked hair) ::
skin && ears; plastik ataciara elven valah light
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom @ hair fair jasper2
eyes; repulse living dead
lipstick; pididdle i have a secret
teeth; illusions vampire teeth
horns; illusions snarl horns
wings; illusions columbo wings
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && snake
dress && stockings; pixeldolls marie crochet (25L sale)
boots; violent seduction corset boots (group gift)
gloves; epic smexy black and bowie lace gloves
necklace 1; league wanderer necklace
necklace 2; hod path to forgiveness
nails; love soul brilliant metallic white

location; legion

oh, and before i forget… have a video of me && vivi dancin’ it out in our outfits after i was done snapping pics~


one word, yeah, it says it all. the only thing i could think of (other than maybe hdjshfjskdjfh) when i saw these shoes from pixelfashion was boots. booooooooooooots. amazing, hothothot boots that i am *so* in love with.


oh my gawwwwd, they are so sexy i want to lick them. yummy boots. ❤ so i built my look around them because there was absolutely nothing else i wanted to wear more than these knee-high, skull-hand, strapped and buckled boots. *u*

so since my boots were ridiculously awesome and sexy, i paired them with a patterned minidress i snatched up from loulou&co for fifty linden friday this past week. yellow is usually not my color, but it’s not really *yellow* as it is.. maybe.. a grayed out, more-green version of yellow. and i am totally okay with that. plus the pattern is very cute and it comes with a billion options. in fact, the top part of the dress can actually be worn as a bodysuit with yeah, i love.


my piercings are from mandala && i cannot tell you how many times i’ve eyed them. i can always make room for more piercings in my inventory, but i’m not sure what i was so hung up on over this set. because i know mandala’s jewelry is *always* quality and beautifully done, and these piercings are no exception. the lip piercings alone make them worth it, there’s so many rings stuck through my lip and the texture is delicious. nomnom. ❤

the nails i’ve got on are a *new* release from love soul. it’s probably no secret that i am a whore for prim nails. i love them long, i love them decorated, i love them with rings && matching bracelets, with color-change options, with bling (as in, rhinestones && jewels attached to the nails, not the flashyflashy script-bling) and without… and love soul definitely makes some incredibly awesome nails. but i saw these and bought ’em up before i could even demo. the little skull faces remind me of jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas and it prayed on a weakness of mine. i adore these, so very cute~

plus the skull faces on the nails matched the creepy skeleton hand holding my heel on my boots. \o/ did i mention how much i love these boots? because if i haven’t said so enough already, I FUCKING LOVE THESE BOOTS.

the statement is in caps, so you know i’m serious. 😉


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor sunkissed in feline
hair; truth penny streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs cosmic garden
eyes; ibanez ethereal eyes in cactus (subscribo gift)
makeup; glamorize glitzy eye makeup in gold
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; mandala takayama piercing
dress; loulou&co graphik dress in yellow (past 50L friday item)
stockings; league ella stockings in black w/ black garter
boots; pixelfashion devil boots in black
collar; favole melancholy
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
nails; love soul lovely skull in silver
wings; illusions demon headwings
bracelets; mariposa aubade bangles in silver && turquoise (lucky chair prize)