the end

the end

everything always comes to an end. sometimes, endings can lead to sadness && sometimes endings can lead to more freedom, happiness and relief than expected. but nevertheless, my own ending can only be defined as… bittersweet.

with months of rl insanity, my blogging time in sl has taken a hit. and rather than thinking of it as an annoyance, i’ve come to think of it as a blessing in disguise. without feeling the need to blog, i’ve found myself actually enjoying my second life when i get the chance to log in. and it’s been wonderful.

so even after almost three years of off-and-on hard work, i’m ending it here.

to all the designers i’ve come to know in second life: thank you. it’s been my absolute pleasure to showcase your wonderful items in the best way i can.

to everyone who has ever read my blog: thank you. every single visit to my little corner of the internet means quite a lot to me.

thank you to anyone who took the time out of their day to leave me an IM saying how much you enjoyed my blog. it made my day every single time. a thank you to my friends, who stood and posed with me for hours just to get that one single shot. thank you to all the lovely people on flickr that, unknowingly or not, gave me the confidence to keep on blogging even when i thought my photos could never compare to some of the talented people out there… you’ve no idea how meaningful your comments of encouragement (and favorites!) have been for me.

i’ll miss the second life blogiverse, and letting go of this part of my second life is indeed bittersweet.. i’ve had more fun with my blog than i care to admit. it’s hard to let it go, but i’m happy to do so all the same.

see you all around the grid! ❤

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair amberly petal edition in rei
hair; ploom flip
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; ftl eyelashes c01 natural
piercings/makeup; hod gods & monsters (makeup, lip/nose/brow), dimpled (cheeks), counterpart (ears)
pose; glitterati



so it’s been a few days since my last post, and i have a very good reason for that.. i swear.

i’m not moving in rl… but i am in sl. and i forgot how time consuming it can be to get everything set back up! bff vivi and i have been working the last few days on setting up our new house and our new parcel, but once we’re done decorating (and redecorating… and redecorating a third time) i’ll be able to get back to blogging normally! and that may include a li’l tour of our new home, so, at least there’s that to look forward to? xP ❤

hiatus time :(


it’s been a while, hm? yeah, it has… and i am so bummed about it.

rl has srsly been hectic as hell for me lately. the time i get free to spend on sl is few and far between. sad face. so i’m gonna have to take a li’l break from bloggin’ for a while.

i promise it’ll be as short of a hiatus as i can possibly make it. i wanna get back to blogging && keeping up with all the amazing creations out there. just right now, it’s not as easy for me to do so.

see ya when i get back! ^_^


no fashion-y type post for today… instead, i just wanted to post && say that i’m moving(!!) this week. it’s why my posts have been a li’l *sporadic* for the past few days, i am so busy packing all my stuff up (you never know just how much you have until you need to box it all up, goodness) that i’ve not had a whole lotta time for sl.

once i’m all moved in, though.. i’ll be back to blogging regularly. but until then, i’ll be buried in boxes and packing tape… and no internet.

see ya’ll once i’m all unpacked! ❤❤


so the lovely harlow heslop issued a challenge to go au naturale for some in world photography.

…no, i don’t mean in that way! but to use raw, unedited snapshots.. minus all the fancy schmancy photo editing. and since i enjoy blogging challenges, i decided to participate, too~


now, to be fair, there’s not a whole lot of difference between these raw snaps here (i only cropped ’em, put a border on ’em && spliced ’em together for a collage, that’s it) and the pictures i usually blog. my image editing skills are… pretty much non-existent. i’m def not as talented as some people out there on the feeds, and there is a *lot* of talent out there, but the most i ever do is soften some jaggy lines i get from odd avatar mesh contortions… and maybe brighten things up a bit by messing with color saturation.

that’s…. really it. other than for photos where i want to edit, like a contest entry for example, my usual bloggity photos are not post-processed to death.

needless to say, this challenge was a fairly easy one for me since i don’t do a whole lot of editing to begin with!


challenge aside… i’ve got two things i’d like to share about the look i put together for today.

one… the new lamb mesh hair is *amazing*. this powder hair color is the most perfect shade of white-white-blonde && i love these uneven, choppy bangs. there were three mesh styles to choose from, but this one was by far my favorite out of the bunch. i am so glad more designers are making mesh hair, it’s really spoiled me in the way it moves and fits.

and two… koketka is having a sale! everything in the store is just *60L* && i picked up this sweater when i visited to check out the sale. i like this chocolatey shade of brown a lot && the long tunic style paired with the bare shoulders made a sweater seem spring-appropriate. plus, it was an excuse to wear these knee-high boots from insanya once more here on my blog, just because they matched so nicely.

so, completely unedited vixxie really doesn’t look that much different than normal bloggity vixxie, hm? but it was a good challenge to take on nonetheless! it really shows how beautiful second life can be~

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in sugar town 2
hair; lamb sweet jane in powder
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose (store closed, creator is silver milneaux)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ fashion for life bold blue (donation item!)
eye makeup; tea time @ grunge soul project dark makeup in dark red/black
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod agony
top; koketka natali tunic in brown (sale going on right now!)
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise jeans in taupe gray
boots; insanya dama boots in creme
necklace; hod path to forgiveness
cuff && rings; amorous aubade in wood
nails; rezipsa loc chocolate ganache nails french

poses; marukin
location; gawk


so. this is my 200th post (but it totes doesn’t count!). and while i’m not back yet, i will be…. *drum roll* tomorrow, the 15th.


i’ve taken a little longer than a week’s break, ahah, but i think i needed it. ’cause i’m ready && excited and have a *ton* of awesome goodies to blog.

so see ya’ll tomorrow! ❤❤

little break~

just a short one!

but i need some time to be away from SL and blogging. i’ve kind of.. surrounded myself && my free time with it and i’ve gotten a little bored. so a good week’s break from everything will cause me to miss it and subsequently, i’ll be more excited to get back to it once i return.

so see ya’ll in a week! *waves* when i get back, i’ll be working on my 200th post. weeeeeeeeee!

letters from the sky

it totally has nothing to do with my post, but this song is amazing && i love it. jam with me, kay! \o/

*sings loud and off-key* one of these days, letters are gonna falllllll, telling us all… to go freeee~



it’s rare for me to dress around a hairstyle, but sometimes.. it’s the inspiration for everything. the one i’m wearing here from exile is what i dressed around, which is amusing in and of itself. i mean, you can just imagine me, right… standing alone in my changing-room-skybox… naked save for the hair, trying on clothes? trying to figure out something that matched the messy, sexy, modern look this hair has? oh what a mental image that must be~ 😉

i love what i came up with though! not to toot my own horn or anything. my top, from gawk, is suuuuuuper sexy.. and makes me look more boobielicious than i actually am! 8D the almost corset-like color blocking, with the cute li’l polka dots… && the fact that the string attachment on the chest works *so well* with how the fabric is pulled ever so slightly at the chest makes for a unique top indeed. cap-sleeved tees are not unknown to my inventory, but this one was different enough for me to make an exception for. plus i love this teal color, i don’t own enough of it!


the boots i’m wearing today are from sakide and seriously. seriously. these boots are love. the crocodile leather-like texture on the foot of the boot is subtle && i like it that way. and the legwarmers… oh i am *such* a sucker for legwarmers. they just look fall && winter to me, especially when worn over top of a pair of boots, so these in black are delicious.

but in red, or a nice crisp white too (as they do, in fact, come in those colors) would work just as nicely! ;D

and to make them even more autumn-like? there are leaves in the legwarmers that you can turn off, as i have here, or leave on for an extra fall-y look. would look adorable with a cardigan in a nice warm pumpkin color and some dark leggings and maybe a skirt… teehee.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in aqua w/ glam lipstick in hard candy
hair; exile jaela in stefani roots
tattoo arms; para designs retro (hunt prize)
tattoo chest && hands; pekka @ the grunge soul project wisdom
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue && green (group gifts)
makeup; huit parrot
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod fallen v2
top; gawk turquoise polka dotted darling shirt
jeans; genre @ the grunge soul project sexy jeans in leo
belt; hermony rock ‘n’ rolla belt
boots; sakide crocodile boots in black
cuff; ha! leather cuff in black
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails french
necklace; primalot whistle necklace
earrings; primalot hortensia

poses; porcupine love
location; heartless city

mix ‘n’ match

nice, simple separates can make or break a wardrobe — both in rl or in sl. if you’ve got a good handful of things that mix && match well, then you won’t have to worry about wearing the same outfit for months at a time in world (like some people i know… but i won’t name and shame ;p). my inventory is *full* of things that are simple everyday wear that i can plop on with anything else i feel like because it’s just so easy. but the always lovely rebeca dembo of candydoll has made my inventory asplode with new, adorable separates that were *made* for mixing and matching.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

oh, did i forget to mention she also made a gorgeous new skin called janett, too? my bad~ ;3

my striped tank top, the jacket over top of it && my skin are all *new* from candydoll and omgah, it’s all woooonderful. even the skin is *mix && match*, because not only do you have several skin tones to pick from… but you also have breast enhancers/minimizers (depending on what you have your sliders set on!) as well as lipstick tatts to wear your favorite lipstick with your favorite eyeshadow. wiiiiiinnn!!

check ’em out!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

there’s a *wide* array of bright, summery colors — both in the tops and in the makeup choices. and here, i’m showing off the pale janett skintone’s makeups, which has the cutest dusting of freckles on the face… as well as several of the plain tanks && delisha jackets.

now the jackets can be worn on top of the tanks (or anything else you have in your inventory! would totally look cute over top of a plain tee, too!) *or* by themselves — you get the jacket version as well as a version with a bra underneath (as shown above in black and white.. and blue and brown). and what makes it even better? the bra is totally adorable, which makes showing it off much, much nicer. 😉

but that’s not aaaaaall! there’s also a set of open-front comun dresses that would make for a cute long jacket on top of a tank… or a *super sexy* revealing mini dress..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

just look at those colors. it’s like a jersey-knit dress.. with cute pockets… all soft ‘n comfy. and i personally really like the way they look over a tank top or a tee with jeans. super super cute!

a few tank tops, a jacket or two, maybe a couple good pairs of jeans in different washes… and you’d be set! unless you’re like me and you need *all* the tanks, *all* the jackets and ten thousand pairs of jeans… but at least it won’t break the bank in sl like it can in rl! 8D

get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll janett pale in all makeups
hair; exile riot girl in vanilla roots
tattoo; para designs neptune
eyes; a.d.d andel love affair eyes in celestial
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; hod bolted
tanks; candydoll plain tanks
jackets; candydoll delisha
dresses; candydoll comun
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise jeans in taupe
heels; n-core coquette
necklace; undefined lilies @ the gatcha festival pottery in disguise bun03
nails; rezipsa loc taste the rainbow nails (dollarbie)

poses; marukin @ collabor88

fresh baked cookies

nothing on earth smells better than the inside of a bakery. sweet smells of desserts && the savory scent of freshly baked bread.. and if they have carafes of coffee there too….

/me drools all over *everything*

yes, nothing smells better than a bakery. so when i found this one in a li’l building on a gorgeous sim, i immediately had the wonderful smell of baked goods && sugar in my nose. mm mm mm.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

these heels from n-core, that come in the most *delicious* shade of hot pink, have been glued to my feet since i bought them the other day. i absolutely adore them — from the color choices, to the ways you can customize (sole, the n-core logo && the heel cap are all color change!), down to the shape of the shoe itself && the way the look on the foot… i am definitely a shoe girl, but pumps these are so nice without the added hassle of tinting prim feets.. i am totally in love.

i’m pretty fond of my outfit, too. 8D

the top is from grixdale and there’s a sale going on there. everything that’s marked is discounted — red items, blue items and white items. it was for independence day, but it runs until july 16th. definitely worth taking a peep!

plus there’s still the free pack o’ panties i blogged yesterday to grab too while you’re there! \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and speakin’ of *freebies*, i’m wearing a bunch today. ;3 the nails are from the sugar garden and are a geekgasm hunt prize. my *amazing* eyes && lip stain are group gifts from insufferable dastard — and while the group isn’t free to join, it’ll cost you 150L to get in, the gifts are so worth it. several pairs of eyes and another lip stain i’m not showing here, and there are a couple other freebies to non-group members on the wall inside the store! and my necklace.. it is a freebie from undefined lilies and is so super cute. in fact, that entire store is so super cute. and there’s an owl brooch set as the subscribo gift as well that’s purple and silver and fantastic.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have an irl kitchen to raid — i am in a serious need of somethin’ sweet. i think there are some powdered sugar donuts out there with my name on it…

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in tutu
hair; shag @ hair fair bombshell in powder
tattoo; garden of ku ladycat
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night v2 in colorless (group gift)
lip color; insufferable dastard lipstain in ash (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
makeup; chelle glamorpuss
earrings; primalot treasured ear studs
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
top; grixdale birds of a feather in smog (sale!)
jeans; kyoot eibo trousers in gray
heels; n-core coquette
necklace; undefined lilies teensy clutter (freebie)
nails; the sugar garden mario nails in shroom (geekgasm hunt prize)

location; roche