when you’ve been blogging as long as i have (working on 3 years, now!), it’s really really easy to hit outfit block. like writer’s block or artist’s block, it just kinda hits at random and suddenly… nothing looks good together, nothing works for an outfit, nothing jumps out at you and clicks for a cohesive look. and after blogging almost daily for all this time (not counting the times i’ve had to take breaks, eh heh), that’s a whole lotta looks! and that’s a whole lotta posts! so naturally, i’ve *got* to hit outfit block every once in a while… right?

this is one of those times. i had a lot of stuff i wanted to show off here on my blog, but nothing i did looked quite right. so i’ve got the awesome stuff on and… very little else.

needless to say, these are nsfw. you’ve been warned~


so! not only am i stark naked, but i’m also decidedly.. hair-less. i mean, not in the way it *sounds* (get your mind out of the gutter!), but i’m not even wearing hair. that’s how hard my outfit block hit.

and yet..

somehow it works? perhaps my blogging block was a blessing in disguise…

i’ve been wanting to show off these spiked boots && headpiece from glam affair ever since they were released because i *adore* them. anything spiked is right up my alley && these pieces are no exception. i love the thick wedges on the boots and… what could be more awesome than mouse ears with several dozen spikes ‘n studs thrown in? these look so *high fashion* to me, that nothing in my inventory currently worked well enough with them. except for my bare booty, of course.


the color-blocking makeup i’m wearing is also *new* from nuuna. her skins && makeups are some of my absolute favorites in my inventory for when i’m wanting something out of the ordinary, which.. to be honest.. is a *lot* of the time, lately. the entire new set of makeups, for both men and women, are all kinds of amazing (you can see ’em here — just look at those skullface tatts! yum ❤) but i loved how striking this combo looked for this “ensemble”.

and these claws! i’m sure it’ll come as no surprise when i say these new long, sharp nails from virtual insanity made me super excited. i love my prim nails, but these are like none i currently own. i own long nails, i own really long nails, but none that look as pointy and *dangerous* as these… and i think that’s probably why i like them so much. they’d be perfect for some sort of halloween costume, or for more fantasy-type looks, or something a little goth.. but i adore them and they’ve been glued to my hands inworld since they were released!

so lots of cool stuff today, but none of it any actual clothing. it’s oddly freeing to not have to worry about shirts && skirts, i gotta say. plus it was a nice excuse to show off these sexy chained nipple rings from haus of darcy (which just celebrated a third anniversary! yaaay!!).. i just don’t show my boobies here on my blog often enough to have flaunted the rings before. but it’s not something i plan on repeating too often, so stare at ’em while you can! ;P

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair lilith creatura 01
face tattoo; nuuna’s makeup v12, #3 & #7
body tattoo; vestigium koi skull color
eyes; insufferable dastard bold green
piercings; hod counterpart (ears), lustful (nipples), && reach (face)
boots; glam affair blake in solid black
headpiece; glam affair mouse studded headpiece
nails; virtual insanity naboo sharp claws

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