let me just get this out of the way now, at the beginning, so i don’t spend the *entire* post gushing.

the new mesh jeans from mon tissu are amazing and i love them. obligatory keymash from excitement… go!



these jeans are pretty close to perfect. i will say that while i absolutely adore them, they are not completely perfect. they are, however, as close to a perfect pair of mesh jeans that i’ve seen thus far in sl && i am really, really pleased with them. i’ve not been as excited to try a pair of jeans like i was for these in… well.. ever, really.

my only complaint, though, is that they give me a bit of a.. leg gap. it’s not an obvious one, and it’s not even a terribly bad one, but in one of the pictures below.. you can see the gap at the thighs fairly well. i typically do not have a thigh gap, unless i’m in a really strange pose, so to me.. my shape looks different than i would in normal, clothing layer jeans.

with that said… everything else? indeed, pretty damned perfect. i can live with the gap because the cuffs are wonderful, the texture is realistic && the fit is fantastic. the extra small size fit me correctly in all the right places, without me having to adjust a single shape slider.

plus the new sim for mon tissu && celoe is breathtakingly beautiful. just looking around, i was very impressed. if it hadn’t been as packed as it was, i would’ve posed for my bloggity pics there because it was just that pretty… but alas, i’ll probably have to wait a while until the lag dies down to do so.


but now, onto the rest of my look!

the top i’m wearing is also (partly) mesh, and is out @ collabor88 from tres blah. i really like the fact that the top is half clothing layer, half mesh.. i don’t have to worry about my boobs being too small (yes, too small.. i’ve run into this problem with a couple mesh tops!) and the bottom half moves nicely with animations. plus the colors were gorgeous, i love these shades of mauve-purple-pink.

and the colors just so happened to match this specific pair of coquette platform heels i’ve been eying, from n-core && the wall colors in this super cute house from cheeky pea (which is out for stumblebum!). i love it when i pick something up that not only gives me an excuse to buy *new shoes*, but also makes it easy for me to have a pretty backdrop for photos. makes my blogging life so much simpler!

but the jeans… are definitely the highlight of my sl-day today. of my sl-week, even. i foresee several other colors *somehow* finding their way into my inventory in the very near future, because i like them that much. one small complaint does not overshadow how nicely made these are, at least to me, and as often as i’ve worn the lou lou jeans from mon tissu here on my blog… i can definitely say these new mesh jeans will be a pair i reach for just as frequently~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure
hair; ploom whinxie (stumblebum item!)
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (chest, freebie!) && fairy tales (sleeves)
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
makeup; chelle mix and match in pink/yellow
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod fallen
top; tres blah @ collabor88 ombre tank in sunrise
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; n-core coquette platform in dark pink
necklace; lagyo adriel necklace in silver
bag; tea time world bag in birdy
nails; cheap makeup glitter nail polish (stumblebum item!)

poses; long awkward pose
house; cheeky pea (stumblebum item!)

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