vixxie vs the painting

so… as you know (or, as you should know if you read my blog! ;p).. bff vivi && i share a house on a beachy parcel of land. we’ve had it *almost* a year now, we moved there last summer, and she and i have been pretty good roommates thus far. i mean, she’s my bestie.. who would make a better roommate than her?

we share a lot of the “responsibilities” of having a house.. and that includes splitting the decorating between both of our tastes. thankfully, our preferences mesh pretty well together && we often love the same sort of decor.. so it’s usually not a problem.

or at least, it *wasn’t* a problem. until today.


enter… the painting. i walk into our living room today && it’s right there, in my face. this thing is easily twice my height, takes up the *entire* back wall, and is so bright and…. odd… that i actually stood there for a moment, trying to take it all in.


needless to say, my initial reaction was not great.

now, this living room (and i say this living room.. because we actually have *two* living rooms, currently) has been bright && colorful for a while now. vivienne and i are always switching things in and out (case in point, see this post where the couch is pink, not blue, and the rugs are different!) and rearranging items just to… change things up a bit.

however, the bff.. actually removed one of my paintings && moved a plant and a lamp out of the way, just to make room for this painting. this huge, blinding, strange ass painting.

but she’s my friend, so i figured i’d… try to give it a chance. and i thought since it was so colorful, i’d try to pose in front of it for some *normal* bloggity pics.. just to see if it made a decent backdrop.


and, admittedly, it *did* make a nice background. lots of color, lots of shapes, && the purple in the painting brought out the purple in the mesh pants i’m wearing (that, btw, are from epic out @ fashion for life — and it’s a donation item!!). it was interesting in the background, i *liked* how it looked behind me.

so i figured, what the hey…


…it can stay. i won’t return it to her, no matter how awful my first reaction to it was. she liked it, and it is half her home too, so i resigned myself to accepting the fact that the painting is staying. at least for now, or until we decide to empty the room and completely redecorate it — which happens rather often…. and can’t come again soon enough.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in bewitched w/ sheer balm in apple
hair; truth lykie in swedish
tattoo; vestigium skull half sleeves
eyes; insufferable dastard shades of green 1 (freebie)
makeup; vestigium eye liner in turquoise
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod bitten
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 04
top; traveler’s tank in white
pants; epic @ fashion for life capri sweatpants in purple
shoes; maitreya flip flops in lucid
necklace; splash @ grunge soul project fluffly star necklace
nails && bracelets; candy nail candy skull (nails) && studs bracelet (part of the punk skull nail set)

poses; glitterati && magnifique
the painting; sleepy bones @ collabor88

please note! this post was just for fun! i actually *love* the painting and encouraged vivienne to buy it and put it up. it’s aaaaaawesome && the li’l naked guy with the green hair in the painting is pretty much amazing. please don’t take this post as an insult to the creator, that is not my intention at all! again, it’s just for fun~


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