in the desert can’t remember your name, ’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain. laa la lalalala lalaalaa laaaa laaa~

this song is *really* before my time, but i still love it. and my look for today, paired with the in-world location i found to snap my bloggy pics, made me immediately think of it. so *old school* jam with me! \m/


…not that my look has much to do with being in a desert, but.. y’know. ;P at least my location does!

i broke out a couple older items i found in my inventory purge about a month ago. it’s a never-ending cycle, trying to keep my inventory sorted.. with how much of a *shopaholic* i am, it can very very easily get out of hand. i mean, i was all pumped && excited about getting my inventory number way down, and during the process of boxing/deleting.. i went and fatpack’d a new skin. *facepalm* but! i’m proud to say i’ve kept my number.. manageable.. since then. and i’ve been more determined than ever to get some use out of the older items i decided were worth keeping!

the boots i’m wearing, as well as the vest, are things i’ve had in my inventory for quite a while now. the boots are an older group gift from coco (they are still available too, for freeeee!) && the vest is from niniko.. and both of which i decided to keep because i like them so much. i mean, i bought this vest when you could only wear one of each clothing layers at a time… so having a fully sculpted vest, without any sort of jacket/shirt glitch layer, was a really nice find. i could wear it even if my undershirt, shirt && jacket layers were already taken! still, the textures && the prim work on this vest, even after all this time, make it a nice addition to my sl-closet… and i still love the way it fits!


so with the older, i’m wearing some newer stuffs, too! the top i’m wearing here, which is actually a *super* sexy cut-out dress, is new from nestle my bosom. the skirt is mesh && is part of a *15L* hunt going on right now @ ricielli. both the chest tattoo, and the ink on my arms, are also newer releases from vestigium — which is quickly becoming my go-to place for black tattoo sleeves.

i know sometimes we bloggers get.. caught up in all the new releases out there. or at least, i know i certainly do! there’s always so much new && so much awesome on the grid at any given time that you can kiiiiinda forget what you already own. but i think it’s good sometimes to break out the things you still like, that aren’t exactly fresh off the shelves && work it nicely in with things that came out more recently. breathe new life and versatility into the things you already own! \o/

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in lollipop 1
hair; truth gianna in swedish
tattoos; vestigium dia de los muertos (chest) && alice in scarlyand (sleeves)
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (past group gift)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; nestle my bosom diamond cut-out dress in gray
skirt; ricielli high-waisted mini skirt in animal print (15L hunt prize)
belt; onyx wear raptor high-waist belt (coming soon!)
boots; coco flat ankle boots (group gift)
vest; niniko full-sculpt vest in black
nails && rings; candy nail punk skull
glasses; mr. poet half-rim eyeglasses
stockings; izzie’s tights in half sheer
socks; league thermal knee warmers in frayed gray
necklace; hod the crosary
cuff; amorous ave santas

poses; glitterati
location; route 666

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