i always enjoy a challenge && gogo‘s latest challenge for bloggers sparked my interest. i mean, *all* her challenges do — i miss you, bubblegum weekends! but this one in particular, about favorites in sl for jewelry, gave me the opportunity to take some artsy fartsy photos.. and that in itself was enough to wanna do it!

so here’s *my* top ten picks for jewelry in sl.. most of which just so happened to be necklaces. x3 but while gogo decided to simply let the jewelry shine on it’s own, i on the other hand… am far too vain not to put myself in a set of photos to blog. bwahahah~

my favorites have a bit of an edge to them. don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the girly-girly diamonds && platinum sort of bling every now and then.. but that’s just not *me* most of the time. the pieces below, however, are *me* and i am sure they will be no surprise to anyone whose seen my blog more than once~

from left to right ::
hod mercenary necklace, the crosary, symphony, nothing’s necklace && fallen

haus of darcy… is this really a surprise? ahaha! aydan‘s jewelry is just *gorgeousness*. there hasn’t been a set released as of yet that i’ve not instantly fallen in love with. i love the textures, how unique each && every piece is, and that each one seems to be tailor-made for my personal taste. rosaries are fairly easy to find in sl if you know where to look, but hod always has that one thing extra to really make their jewelry stand out from the rest. these are, by far, my go-to pieces when i need a necklace (or some body jewelry, which i am equally as fond of!) && will always hold a special place in my inventory for how much i love them.

from left to right ::
mandala hannya, hod the path to forgiveness, mandala shaka, mandala rushana && amorous fatum

mandala.. another one i love for how unique the jewelry pieces are. the sets i own from here are so intricately designed && packed with detail. the pieces i like from mandala are always large, statement kind of sets that practically drown my avatar in loveliness. i adore the way these pieces are constructed — there’s always lots goin’ on but it’s never *too* much — and for how realistic they look both in pictures && in world. i’ve never been disappointed in anything from mandala.. they are some of the nicest jewelers on the grid~

and.. last, but certainly not least (’cause these are totes in no particular order!), is amorous. i’ve featured this jewelry brand a lot lately here on my blog && even though it’s still fairly new-to-me, it’s taken a top spot in my list of favorites for jewels. they are so customizable, almost every set i own comes with *at least* a couple different textures for each part of the piece, and the detail on these as well are always superb. these claws i’ve blogged in the past are definitely up there too in my fave pieces from this brand, but the cross necklace i chose to showcase here is by far my top pick from their collection.

so! jewelry today! …and very little else. 😉 i enjoyed this challenge, not only because it gave me an excuse to go topless.. just to show off the jewelry of course!!.. but also because i’m really, really proud of how these pictures turned out. i’m wearing some awesome jewelry, though, so i guess it would’ve been kiiiiinda hard to mess it up~

other stuffs i’m wearing:
skin; glam affair amelie skin in contessa (past tdr item)
hair; lamb girlfriend in a coma in obsidian
eyes; fashism sunrise eyes in pale eggplant (store is closed atm, but these are a *group gift*! clicky right here to read how to get these for free, as well as several other sets too!)
makeup; nuuna’s parasitic (part of a hod piercing set by the same name)
eyeliner; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; lelutka curl lashes

poses; adorkable

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  1. Stunning! I love the rosary necklaces! ❤

    And also, Bubble Weekends is always on, I've just been lazy 😀

    • thank you very much, gogo! ^_^

      and ahaha, really? guess i’ve been lazy too, then, ’cause i just sorta stopped doing it as well. xD totally know what i’m doing this weekend though!


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