soooo… remember how i said the other day that i was gonna ask more of my friends to pose with me?


insert friend braden daines!

he just recently gave his entire avatar — ao, shape, skin, even hair color choice — a *complete* overhaul. of course, i helped him in his quest for a new look… but the majority of it was all him! absolutely everything is different about his look && while it’s taken a li’l getting used to tbh (i am *so* used to the way he’s always looked!), i’m really loving his new pixels.

he’s such a pretty thing, amirite? ;3


my guy friends, apparently, are *receptacles* for me && bff vivi to dump our gatcha extras on. both braden && my friend allarik asked us for a good place for cheapie, but nice, glasses (probably has nothing to do with the fact that i like a man in glasses, clearly ;p), so vivienne && i pelted both boys with the surplus glasses we have from the *dollarbie* gatcha @ epic. i am sure these specs were made with the ladies in mind, but they turned out to be delightfully unisex!

the li’l monkey mouthie braden is nomnomnomin’ on is also from the gatchas at epic — another gift from our collection of extras. and thankfully, he was a good sport about wearing it! ehehehe~


since braden decided he wanted to be all browns && khaki for his first appearance on my blog, i dressed to match him. s’always the boys, deciding the color scheme for blog posts with me, when it *totes* should be the other way around. bunch of divas i’m friends with, honest to god!

i’m wearing a pair of the *new* supah sexy knee-high boots from insanya with this look. the color i have on is called creme, but it’s actually a very nice warm brown. it matched the garters on these socks from league && the leather straps on the sweater i picked out to wear from yopulga — all of which tied together the varying shades of brown and beige i’ve got on. khaki isn’t a color i wear often in world, simply because tan just seems so bland, but when you mix in different textures && different shades.. it’s suddenly not so boring! ..and rather hot, too, considering how amazingly unfff these boots are.

so that’s *three* guy friends in total now that have posed for my blog with me. not bad, considering how picky they all seem to be. ;p thank you, braden, for snappin’ these pics with me! and yes, you were much better behaved during the shoot than arik was. kudos. 😉

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; atomic @ tdr blue grace buff in winter kiss
hair; truth luana in swedish
tattoo; para designs eclectic
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (group gift)
lip color; ag bitten lip stain in that’s berry daring
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod cathaldus
piercings 2; cobrahive nose swirl
dress; sakide crochet sweater dress in taupe
sweater; yopulga cream leather straps jacket
socks; league side-garter stockings in khaki
boots; insanya dama boots in creme
nails; virtual insanity stylish nails french text
glasses; needful things aviator goggles in brown
necklace; hod the crosary

on braden daines ::
skin; tableau vivant noctis in tone 06
hair; truth blair in raven (yeah, he’s wearin’ girl hair! x3)
tattoo; garden of ku carpe diem
eyes; insufferable dastard december gift in gray (freebie)
facial hair; nanuk birken beard
piercings; hod reach
sweater && belt; sleepy eddy long knit cutsaw in brown
pants; redgrave pants herringbone (thank you && you for blogging these! i made braden go get them because of you two ;D)
shoes; sleepy eddy gatcha sandal in suede sand
gloves; luck inc finger tapes (dollarbie)
nom; epic kawaii monkey business change-purse nom in white
glasses; epic kyoot nerdy glasses in faun (dollarbie gatcha)
necklace; hod mercenary necklace
cuff; amorous you (freebie)

location; insomnia station (snagged from harlow heslop’s blog — what a gorgeous sim!)

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