kiss me at midnight

new year’s eve!! \o/ it’s mid-afternoon, and yet the festivities seem to have been kicked off already…



bff vivi && i *really* stocked up on champagne this year. last year, we had two bottles and quite frankly… the bubbly ran out *long* before it came time to ring in the new year. but we’ve learned from our mistakes and we both made doubly sure there was enough champagne to last the evening. there’s gotta be at least a half dozen bottles scattered around our home, in buckets with lots o’ ice, just so we always have some on hand should someone like to make a toast once our friends arrive.

..even if we both keep sneaking sips of our own here and there. >.>


and vivi more so than me, every single time i look at her.. her glass seems to be empty (when she’d only just refilled it!) && her face seems to be even more flushed. and i have seen her stumble a little in those super high heels *twice* now. /me squints her eyes at the bff

but it’s in the holiday spirit, i guess! and really, what’s it gonna hurt if vivi is a li’l extra tipsy before the party can even start? it might make things more fun that way — a drunken vivi is a sight to see, lemme tell ya~ and at least we both look super cute! 8D

we are both excited to start off the new year right.. with our friends around us, happily sloshed, watching that big glittery ball fall in times square nyc on the tele. good food, good company, good drink.. shall be an awesome time all around!

i wanted to take the time out today to say a couple things, before my head is filled with a million li’l bubbles. i wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year && i hope your 2012 starts off amazingly! i wanted to thank all you guys out there that have read my blog over this last year, i really do appreciate it very much. ❤❤ the awesome feedback i get is the reason why i keep blogging, you have no idea how far your kind words go and i thank you muchly for it! and i wanted to thank all the designers on our grid, that work so hard over the year to give us fantastic new releases && gifts… i hope you know how much your hard work is appreciated! *raises glass* here’s to 2012 being the best year yet, with lots of happiness and prosperity and new beginnings! cheers!


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in tease 1
hair; exile jenna in stefani
tattoo; para designs eclectic
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
makeup; glamorize black candy eye makeup in sterling
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
lip color; pididdle don’t stop yet
piercings; hod eternal
dress; league sequin scoop dress in black
heels; n-core ultra platform in noir intense
bracelet; mandala milky way bracelet in hawthorn red
nails; mandala milky way nails in hawthorn red
necklace; mandala shaka necklace in red

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in blush
hair; lelutka awe in coalmine (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes darker in hazel
dress; league vintage chiffon dress in old rose
boots; n-core eclipse in brown (group gift)
socks; kyoot lacey white knee socks
bracelets; league pearls && lace
necklace; league vintage clock necklace
nails; candy nail color french in pink

poses && champagne; glitterati

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