ohhh saaaaaannntaaaa~~

i have been an incredibly good girl this year…

/me adjusts halo

…so naturally, i am expecting a *lot* of awesome gifts from santa. i mean, there’s no reason why i shouldn’t be expecting them, right?

hmm.. just in case…


the scent of some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the air should help!

clearly, i do put out for santa 😉 just in cookie form rather than any sort of innuendo my shirt could imply. i am a good girl after all. :3 but my amusing tee is *new* from onyx wear && is just one of many new designs released. some of said designs might imply a li’l more naughty than nice than my current choice does, but this one was far too cute && far too holiday-appropriate for me to pass up. there just needs to be some sort of extra text at the bottom saying “i put out for the reindeer, too!” ’cause i *know* i wasn’t the only kid that left a carrot out for rudolph on christmas eve on top of the cookies for santa!


chocolate chip cookies smell amazing, but aren’t exactly the most christmas-y of cookies… so it’s a good thing i baked a batch of gingerbread men as well (apparently xD)! the mouthie i’m chewin’ on is from delusions @ perfect wardrobe && comes in various states of nom’d… but i always always bite the head off of gingerbread cookies first. i do the same with animal crackers too, it’s not… weird… is it? ahaha~

plus i’m wearing two *freebies* in this look! the golden && ribboned necklace was sent to subscribo members for a&a, while the scrunchy sock ‘n’ boots are a hunt prize from death row designs. the santa pendant on the necklace matched my whole theme perfectly, almost as if someone out there can read my mind! and the boots, well… it should be blatantly obvious that i’ve got a thing for boots.. so huntin’ these down was worth the time && effort it took (and believe me, it took ample time && effort to find these! kudos for a good hunt prize hiding spot!). they’re worn like a real pair of boots would be and paired with some super thick, cozy socks.. they look like that *one* pair you can just shove your foot into without even having to untie.

so i’ve got my cookies, all fresh from the oven.. but instead of leaving milk this year, i’m thinking santa could use a different sort of pick me up after dropping off my gifts. i wonder if he’d enjoy a li’l bit of some spiked eggnog instead? it certainly sounds good to me after all this baking…

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in gunmetal w/ juicy gloss in petal
hair; raw house raquella in light blonde 05
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry 3
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod cast off
top; onyx wear t-shirt in santa
sweater; coco cardigan in black
jeans; atomic ripped skinny jeans in stoned
belt; hermony rock ‘n’ rolla belt
boots; death row designs lazy boots (hunt prize)
nails; candy nail basic prim nails in red 07
necklace; a&a santa necklace (subscribo gift)
nom; delusions @ perfect wardrobe oh noes don’t eat me
cookies; rc i bake cookies

poses; fri.day
location; pearl caye

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