my li’l narwhal

sales, narwhals && cuteness galore… are you ready for it? x3


there are some times when i just feel like humoring my inner child. after all, the time right around christmas is good for helping you feel like a li’l kid again — santa, the thought of presents, all the nostalgic movies on tv, how exciting the first snowfall of the year is even after you’re “all grown up”. so i decided i’d indulge my ~*~kawaii~*~ side today && dress less adult.. and more cute.

blah is a good start for when i am in need of something ridiculously adorable, the range of designed tees there are just so cute. bubblegum && cotton candy colors, mixed with sweet little animals.. on a cropped tee.. there’s not much cuter than that. and the one i’m wearing, featuring arguably the cutest narwhal in existence, was hard to resist. i love the powder blue color && the whale’s blushing cheeks pretty much did me in.


and i mentioned sales too, huh? i’ve got *two* to talk about~ the first, from paper doll. several pieces from the summer collection @ paper doll are insanely cheap right now. some things are 50L, which will be available after the sale on the marketplace, and some items are *25L*… and these will be gone for good once the sale is over. the feather earrings i’m wearing, something i’ve eyeballed every single time i’ve been in paper doll, are part of the 25L selection && found their way into my inventory faster than i could even blink. and the high-waist, flared jeans i’m wearing were only 50L.. insane bargain on some very nicely made jeans. and that is something i can *never* have too much of.

the second sale.. is the fashion garret, where my sneakers && belt are from. now, the shoes.. i’m wearing in white && blue, but they are actually completely and totally customizable. they’re menu-driven and each part (we’re talkin’ each stripe, the tongue, the heel, the laces, all the extra details too!) is color-change with blue, green, red, cream && plaid choices. and the best part of it all, they’re only *69L*~

and the belt.. from pepper.. is so packed with detail. i’ve got candy canes, a christmas-y gnome, some tissues (y’know, for all those winter time colds that seem so prevalent!), && even some cookies… yes, *cookies*.. hangin’ from my belt at all times. the bag is in a pretty shade of teal, decorated with snowflakes, and is adorableness all around. my only gripe is that it’s no-mod with a resize script, but i was surprised how well it fit without being able to tweak as i liked. and only for 70L, it was a worth-it risk to me… especially for how cute it is.

i completed the look with some extra bits of cute — a keychain nom && hair bow (that i resized *much* smaller from it’s original state!) from love soul, a set of “toy” nails && rings from candy nail, and a locket necklace from addiction that holds a picture of someone very close to my heart inside of it. ❤ it’s a li’l bit child-like, but i’m a-okay with that. i’ll just be over here, bein’ a kid, eatin’ my chocolate chip cookies.. and no, you can not have one! ;p

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink
hair; maitreya jordyn in powder
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod dimpled
top; blah my cozy cute shirt in little narwhal
jeans; paper doll emily trousers in charcoal (sale!)
belt; pepper @ the fashion garret x-mas belt
sneakers; argyle anonymous @ the fashion garret urban kicks
nails; candy nail toy nails in blue
nom; love soul key+accessory in blue bear
hair accessory; love soul bow in blue
earrings; paper doll light as a feather in silver (sale!)
necklace; addiction forget you not locket

poses; marukin

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