winter wonderland

my “inspiration” for a look usually comes from one or two pieces that i then dress around. an accessory, a pair of killer shoes, a new top.. something new in my inventory that i’ve not yet showcased on my blog, then i simply dress to match it. but i’ve *never* dressed to fit a location in world… until now.

the north pole display @ atrum complexo is stunning && i’m so glad that the beautiful gogo showed it off on her blog.. or else i never would’ve known it existed. so thanks for that! ❤❤

it’s wonderfully wintery, with lots of snow-frosted trees && a square with a few shops and a big christmas tree right in the center. i popped in to check it out && was immediately inspired to create a look fitting for taking a sleigh ride and browsing li’l stores all while the snow is falling.


click to see it larger @ flickr!

heels.. probably not the most practical shoes for trudgin’ around in the snow, but cut me some slack, mmkay? ;p

it all starts with the mesh barn jacket i picked up from jane. mesh is slowly becoming more && more prevalent on the grid these days, something that makes my insides giddy, but i gotta say… for as nicely as the pieces in mesh that i own from jane are, and for the detail && work that must go into them.. they are incredibly well-priced. i’ve got a few mesh pieces floatin’ around in my inventory that were probably more expensive than the should’ve been. but all the mesh goodies from jane? *150L*. yeah, it’s ridonkulous.

even more ridonkulous is the tank top i’m wearing underneath the brown jacket. it’s also from jane && it was *free*. free! what makes it better still is the fact that you get about a billion colors — enough to honestly never need another tank in your slife (haha, yeah right.. i buy tank tops like they’re goin’ outta style, but y’know..) — aaaaaaaaaaand there’s another pack of rompers in a similar amount of colors for free as well. all the designers are coming out with some great cold weather pieces with sweaters && cardigans && coats.. if you need some pieces perfect for layering, these freebie packs are amazing for that!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and for serious, how cute are these leg warmers? they’re from g field, as are the heels i’m wearing underneath them, and i *adore* the big poofeh pompoms hanging off the sides. they’re specially made to fit over a few select pairs of g field’s shoes, but they come in several sizes to try and accommodate all the different shapes out there.. and maybe with a little adjusting, you could fit these over other brand’s shoes. i’m not fully sure as i’ve not tried yet, but some of my favorite heels are from g field.. so i had no troubles at all with getting these warmers to fit juuust right.

plus, i love the way leg warmers + heels looks. and with as many color choices as these come in, i can *totally* see myself accessorizing throughout winter with these leg warmers.

so go throw on your own barn jacket && leg warmers and roam around the north pole. it’s gorgeous && full of lots of cute things to do and see. i was there all by myself, so i didn’t hop on the sleigh-for-two and just sight see after i was done snappin’ photos, but it would be an adorable place to go visit with a loved one. or a bff, ’cause i am eventually gonna drag vivi there && bombard her with all things christmas. teehee~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

bonus points if you can find me in the shot above! it’s like playin’ where’s vixxie?, ahahaha!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in angelic w/ doll gloss in orange
hair; truth lilia in swedish roots
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; aphotic gloom tirablue
blush; mock winter rainbow collection blush in rushing (past group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod silentium
tank; jane intrinsic tank in cream (freebie)
jacket; jane barn jacket in harvest truffle
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in used
leg warmers; g field leg warmer for heels in brown
boots; g field strap shoes alex in black
necklace; addiction melody diamond necklace
nails; tgis safari nails

location; the north pole

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