on a roll

hells yeah, two days in a row! go me~ *fist pump*


it feels good to kiiiiiinda get back into the routine of blogging, i really do miss it when i take extended breaks from it. there’s always something new && exciting that i’m missin’ out on when i don’t keep up with it and quite frankly, i don’t like missing out on the goodies. :< it takes a lot of snooping and reading and browsing and going through notecards and blogs to finally feel like i’ve caught up on everything new. sucks balls, i tell you!

but when you take the time to TP around, to peep your favorite stores && what they’ve been releasing while you’re away… you stumble upon some insanely cute things that you wish you’d scooped up sooner. lii~iike, for instance, the skirt i’m wearing. it’s from mon tissu and oh man, i am in *love*. it’s partially mesh && partially regular ole clothing layers and it blends flawlessly. i love mesh as a whole, but things like this where it compliments the way i’m used to wearing skirts in the past only better… totes makes me love mesh that much more. if the middle part of the skirt was a normal prim, i cannot even begin to tell you how annoying it would be to pose && photograph this outfit. but with mesh? i didn’t even have to worry about it. wiiiiiin.

and it makes my ass look *so* good. y’know, ’cause that matters, too. …/me coughs


and along with my skirt, the sweater i’m wearing is also new-to-me from koketka. long-sleeved sweaters like this are honestly a staple in my sl-wardrobe, i own a bunch of them, but this one was juuust different enough to actually catch my eye. i really like the jewel detail on the chest, makes it look very *holiday* to me, but not so flashy that it looked like i had a bust-line full of sequins. which .. no.. definitely not the kinda look i’d be going for. x3 and i thought the black sweater, paired with the dark tights from rezipsa loc && ridiculously cute heels in black from g field really made the khaki skirt stand out.. beige and tan and khaki aren’t my usual colors, but i think had i gone with black for the skirt, i would’ve looked like one big blob.. and that’s not ideal either! and i love how *wintery* skirts + tights looks, especially when i’m skipping around on an equally appropriate wintery sim. makes me feel all warm && fuzzy inside… and stuff.

get the look yourself:
skin; laq jennie in fair
hair; truth cate streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs eternity
eyes; insufferable dastard shine eyes v2 in blue-green basic
makeup; kyoot feline in wood smoke
liner; boom liquid glaze lashed in brown
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
sweater; koketka liza sweater
skirt; mon tissu oxford pencil skirt in beige
leggings; rezipsa loc tights in raven black
heels; g field strap shoes alex in black
scarf; mr. poet wide scarf (freebie!)
nails; mandala milky nails in gaga black

location; winter holiday village

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