it’s a wonderful feeling..

…feel the love in the room, from the floor to the ceiling! it’s that time of year, christmas time is here~


so, y’know, it’s been a while. i’ve been a terrible blogger && actually not *blogged* at all in the last.. oh… month or so. and i could totally make some excuse for myself to explain, but the fact is i’ve just been busy as all hell and haven’t had the time. but! i managed to set some time aside, and i also managed to persuade bff vivi to set some time aside as well, to blog just a li’l bit before the holidays. ’cause i’ve been listening to a certain song on repeat today that may or may not make my inner 14 year old squeal && i’ve gotten in the “holiday spirit”.. and stuff. so i felt like blogging some of the awesome holiday goodies floatin’ around on the grid.

yay! :3


wintery fauns!

while my look is all about the red && green.. vivienne on the other hand just looks *cute*. cute and mint green and snuggly warm in her over-sized hat. i took the whole christmas faun thing && just sorta ran with it, while she took a more.. subtle approach. x3


her adorable elephant hat && matching faun boots are by epic, which is the go-to place for both of us for all things fantasy. we both own a surprising amount of faun bits, but our favorites and the ones we both wear most often are from epic. the textures are nicely made, the pieces are always impeccably detailed, and even with new releases that are all *must haves*, it never breaks the bank to go on a shopping binge @ epic. and really, how can you even begin to say no to that adorable li’l elephant face? his big, poofy eyes stare into your soul…

her jeans && silken jacket are both from collabor88, which i’m sure have been all over the feeds already. and with good reason! the jacket, by tres blah, and the jeans by (which actually were part of an outfit that included a super cute top!) are ridiculously awesome deals. steep discounts on items from well-known designers are always welcome additions to my inventory && the fact that they looked nice together… it was just an added bonus~


several pieces from my outfit are from collabor88 as well. the mesh scarf, by surf couture, my nails and ring and bangles from the seal hole && my jeans from tres blah were all just *88L* each and pretty much.. were insta-buys for me && for vivi. if i’m right, the new collection should be going up soon (it changes on the 8th of the month, methinks) so if you’ve not gone && taken advantage of the awesome deals there already.. you really, really should. the price alone makes it *so* worth it!

my faun feets are from epic, just like vivi’s are, only mine… were free for group members. as i said, epic is amazing for feeding my need to have absolutely everything in the store, but jade winthorpe is also incredibly generous when it comes to gifts. joining the epic vip group is definitely worth the price to do so, if for no other reason than right now there are a ton of gifts under the tree for you to snag (and group-only lucky boards, too!). the faun boots i’m wearing are just one of several presents that include dresses, santa hats, li’l xmas-themed noms… if you’re needing some holiday spirit of your own, the group gifts from epic are seriously worth checkin’ out.

i may be a little behind in blogging… …aha.. or more like a *lot* behind, but posing with vivi && taking advantage of some awesome deals made it worthwhile to set some time aside and blog. i miss it, after all. ;.; and who knows, it may not be the only wintery post i make before getting swamped again with real life. … ;D


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in amazon w/ glam lipstick in cherry
hair; exile colette in stefani roots
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in hazel (group gift)
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
top; sakide see-through ribbed top in taupe
jeans; tres blah @ collabor88 juju jeans in black lace
belt; tdr blue red crocodile leather belt
faun boots; epic knit digi warmers in christmas (group gift)
bracelet, nails && ring; the seal hole @ collabor88 golden lucite bangles/ring w/ high shine nail varnish in noir
antlers; sakide sassy antlers
scarf; surf couture @ collabor88 infinity scarf in black (you need a mesh-compatible viewer for this!)
necklace; hod to love rosary

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in blush
hair; lamb cinnamon in ink
piercings; hod hoepless
tattoo; para designs fairytales
top; basic cami in white
jacket; tres blah @ collabor88 lace kimono in black
jeans; @ collabor88 classic jeans in evening
belt; pepper chained belt
faun boots; epic @ perfect wardrobe knit digi warmers
hat; epic @ perfect wardrobe kawaii knit elephant chapka
nails; candy nail mannish black
necklace; hod hoepless rosary

poses; glitterati
location; the nest

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