letters from the sky

it totally has nothing to do with my post, but this song is amazing && i love it. jam with me, kay! \o/

*sings loud and off-key* one of these days, letters are gonna falllllll, telling us all… to go freeee~



it’s rare for me to dress around a hairstyle, but sometimes.. it’s the inspiration for everything. the one i’m wearing here from exile is what i dressed around, which is amusing in and of itself. i mean, you can just imagine me, right… standing alone in my changing-room-skybox… naked save for the hair, trying on clothes? trying to figure out something that matched the messy, sexy, modern look this hair has? oh what a mental image that must be~ 😉

i love what i came up with though! not to toot my own horn or anything. my top, from gawk, is suuuuuuper sexy.. and makes me look more boobielicious than i actually am! 8D the almost corset-like color blocking, with the cute li’l polka dots… && the fact that the string attachment on the chest works *so well* with how the fabric is pulled ever so slightly at the chest makes for a unique top indeed. cap-sleeved tees are not unknown to my inventory, but this one was different enough for me to make an exception for. plus i love this teal color, i don’t own enough of it!


the boots i’m wearing today are from sakide and seriously. seriously. these boots are love. the crocodile leather-like texture on the foot of the boot is subtle && i like it that way. and the legwarmers… oh i am *such* a sucker for legwarmers. they just look fall && winter to me, especially when worn over top of a pair of boots, so these in black are delicious.

but in red, or a nice crisp white too (as they do, in fact, come in those colors) would work just as nicely! ;D

and to make them even more autumn-like? there are leaves in the legwarmers that you can turn off, as i have here, or leave on for an extra fall-y look. would look adorable with a cardigan in a nice warm pumpkin color and some dark leggings and maybe a skirt… teehee.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in aqua w/ glam lipstick in hard candy
hair; exile jaela in stefani roots
tattoo arms; para designs retro (hunt prize)
tattoo chest && hands; pekka @ the grunge soul project wisdom
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue && green (group gifts)
makeup; huit parrot
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod fallen v2
top; gawk turquoise polka dotted darling shirt
jeans; genre @ the grunge soul project sexy jeans in leo
belt; hermony rock ‘n’ rolla belt
boots; sakide crocodile boots in black
cuff; ha! leather cuff in black
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails french
necklace; primalot whistle necklace
earrings; primalot hortensia

poses; porcupine love
location; heartless city

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