my backpack is a lollipop

it’s true! ;p


i know you can’t see it all that well in the pics above, but i’ll show it off much better down below!

i felt like bein’ all *cute* today. sometimes, i’d rather be dark && mysterious… while other days, i enjoy the cutesy. and today is just one of those i am so adorable, just lookit my li’l face kinda days! and the new hair from wasabi pills that i’m wearing *totally* helps in the sweet && cute department — especially with that massive bow! it’s color-change, but the ribbon && knot are separate so you don’t have to have a solid-colored bow. the cut is super cute too, i like the whole… V fringe thing. makes it a bit more unique than just a simple short haircut. :3

the legwarmers && faun legs i’m wearing are from epic and were out for grenade free wednesday yesterday. i’m not 100% sure, but if you visit the epic stall @ the jersey shore.. these legs *might* still be out for a steep discount. it’s definitely worth checkin’ out cause omgaaaaah, how cute are they!? big oversized legwarmers, covered in pockets && buttons (which come in black as well as the brown i’m wearing, as well as black hooves too!), with nice thermal-y socks included… i pretty much love *everything* that jade winthorpe makes, but her faun bits are by far my favorite on the grid right now.


and my lollipop backpack… it’s from epic, too. it was also out for grenade free wednesday @ the jersey shore location a couple weeks ago. it’s an exclusive color so i don’t think this specific one is available at the mainstore. ;( if you like epic’s stuffs, paying attention to the grenade free weds releases is really worth it! discounts and exclusive colors and previews of new goodies! but! there are other colors to pick from for the backpacks, don’t worry, both in the lollipop version i’m wearing and in a cute li’l mushroom version too. both are equally adorbs && include the falling particles too. which, btw, i know how obnoxious particles can be on clothing && accessories… but these backpacks? it’s *totally* not. it only emits a few at a time and they disappear quickly. you won’t be filling up your entire screen with stars, believe me. x3

it’s just enough to leave a li’l trail when you walk. which makes this lollipop backpack so cute that i want to squish it’s happy one-tooth’d face off~ ❤❤

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ doll gloss in beestung
hair; wasabi pills mimi in rye
tattoo; para designs retro (hunt prize — go grab it! srsly)
eyes; insufferable dastard thank you gift eyes (freebie)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; pera droopy ears
horns; favole lorne
piercings; hod mezzanine
tee; acid & mala @ the grunge soul project dark grey t-shirt
vest; kyoot precipice vest in brown
pants; sakide @ the grunge soul project worn corduroy pants in grey
faun legs; epic pocket legwarmers
backpack; epic kawaii lollipop backpack in fire
nails; rezipsa loc terracotta nails french

location; winterfell

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