nothin’ to wear

even with an inventory chalk full of awesome bits && bobs to wear, sometimes… i just have *outfit block*. nothing looks right together, nothing matches the way i want it to, nothing is exactly what i’m looking for… ugh.

but of course, these times always coincide with when i want to blog && that, my friends, is a little counter-productive. i mean, i *could* blog naked but.. that kinda defeats the purpose of blogging “look of the day” posts like i do.

so here, have some lingerie..


outfit block is a bitch to overcome. but it *does* give me an excuse to show off some things i’ve not yet blogged. which i guess, in the long run, can be a good thing… it’s just an annoying good thing i suppose. ;p

and what’s more.. it gives me the perfect opportunity to participate in gogo’s newest blog challenge to show off *dat ass* && i do enjoy her challenges! so while the front view is up there… from now on..


..say hello to the vixxie booty.

the ribbon’d tattoo i’m wearing was out for super bargain saturday this past week from para designs && since then, i’ve been trying to figure out a way to show it off. so thanks gogo šŸ˜‰ for the excuse!

it’s awesome && lovely, just like all tattoos from para designs are (should be no surprise by now!). and it comes in both the pink version i’m wearing and a black version as well, all in various states of color-saturation. i usually prefer to wear my tattoos slightly faded, just ’cause i think it gives the ink a more realistic look, but this one was best in the darkest, brightest color. i’ve always loved corset piercings in rl, though really i have a fascination with piercings in both sl && in rl, so a tattoo like this… totally makes me want to show off my back more.

if only i had some corresponding piercings to go with the tattoo… *mega-huge hint to all the lovely content creators out there* ā¤


get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead petal in tease2
hair; truth rowena streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs pink ribbon
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; foxy eyeliner
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings face 1; hod bitten
piercings face 2; cobrahive gauged 04
piercings stomach; hod thrust
piercings legs; virtual insanity needlez
lingerie; boom i promise in lipstick && black
heels; g field flower pumps eve in black
nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails

pose && props; glitterati

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