in the closet

yeah… yeah, that’s right. i am, without a doubt, a closet harry potter fan. i mean, i’ve had *ample* opportunity to fangirl openly over some HP-ness considering pottermore && the new hogwarts RP seems to be all over my plurk timeline. but i’ve pretty much kept my mouth shut over it.

so here i am, right now, hand raised, saying… hi, my name is vixxie. and i like harry potter. i’ve read all the books… seen all but the last two movies (because i am stubborn && also emotional and i know for a fact i will cry my eyeballs out — i avoided the half-blood prince movie for this reason as well up until only recently, because i cried so hard while reading the book! ugghhh), i am a proud member of pottermore (midnightsky41, you should totes add me if you’re on there!), and i so have no shame in saying i would like to be in the middle of a weasley twin sandwich.

/me coughs.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

so, naturally, i’ve been hoarding some HP-related goodies in my SL inventory aaaaaaaaand i think it’s safe now to show it all off. especially since i spent a good chunk of time feeding gatchas today for bertie bott’s every flavor bean tongues. xP

they are by ohmai emporium, the very same that made the pygmy puffs that *asploded* on the feeds not long ago (of which i own several, teehee~) and there are so many for so inexpensive that i just kept clicking the gatcha machine until my inventory was bursting!

i’ve bought boxes of bertie bott’s IRL (they’re made by the jelly belly company, methinks) && they are… amusing. jelly belly makes fantastical jelly beans && the flavors are very very realistic. grass, soap, banana, watermelon, dirt…. they all taste *exactly* how you think they will taste. even the gross ones! and let me just say that bff vivi && i had a *lot* of fun handing out the booger flavor to unsuspecting friends (and telling them it was pear!) just to watch them dry heave. *innocent face*

click to see them larger @ flickr!

this is just a *sampling* of the ones i got. from the top left up there its.. toasted marshmallow, gingerbread man (which has the cutest cookie-shaped shadow on the tongue omgggg), watermelon, coconut. then the next row is cream cheese, sardine, apple pie && peach. oh, and the one i’m wearing in the very first pic is licorice! most of them would taste *delicious*, especially watermelon, so i lucked out when it comes to flavors. except for sardine… blehhh.

/end harry potter-ness

the tattoo i’m wearing, along with the necklace, are both from hod. the tattoo, which comes on both wrists && includes a large cross tatt for the back as well are *freeeeeeeeeeee* for today because.. it’s adyan darcy’s rez day. HAPPY REZ DAY, PRETTY LADY!! ❤❤❤❤ the necklace i’m wearing is on saaaaaale to celebrate as well && is srsly worth picking up for 50L if you don’t already have it. aydan has made some of my favorite jewelry pieces and her piercings are without a doubt my go-to when i need holes in mah face.. so go.. gogogogogogo grab the freebies && snag the cheapie necklace while you can!!

now, if you’ll excuse me..


…pygmy puff && i have more beans to collect.

get the look yourself:
skin; mother goose’s trudy 3
hair; lavender in wheat blonde
tattoo; hod fallen wrist tattoo (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod dimpled
top; epic @ the gatcha festival kawaii baseball tee in black
jeans; sakide unbuttoned long shorts in white
nails; rezipsa loc taste the rainbow nails (dollarbie)
necklace; hod fallen (on sale!)
noms; ohmai emporium every flavor beans (5L gatcha)
shoulder pet; ohmai emporium pygmy puff in wolfsbane

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  1. You’re too cute. Thanks Vixxie ❤


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