maybe it’s just me, but… do you ever buy anything in sl, because you love it, but you’ve no idea what you’d ever wear it with? and you hope that eventually, somethin’ will come to you && when that day comes, you’ll have this item already in your inventory to play around with? aaaaaaand it might have been sitting there for months && months but you finally end up using it…

…and then you suddenly wonder what the hell took you so long to use it, ’cause it’s just that awesome?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

that’s me with these fucking amazing cybernetic legs from sinistyle. i bought them fully intending to use them for *something* but i dunno why it took me this long to dust ’em off and put ’em on. they are seriously ridiculous && i love ’em just as much now as i did when i first acquired them. they vaguely remind me of mecha bird legs or something and i think that’s why i adore them so much. ❤ the textures are delicious and *reach out && touch it* realistic… and make it totally worth it to sacrifice my lower half in favor of big claws and metal toes. x3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’ve also been waiting for an excuse to wear this spinal attachment from little pricks. i actually spied it on another blog first and immediately went && grabbed it. i know it’s kinda… strange… to go from nice, casual looks to… all that i’m wearing here in today’s look.. but what can i say. my taste varies! i enjoy a good pair of hot pink heels as much as i enjoy a good.. metallic.. spine… attached to my back. ;D it’s good to mix things up a bit every once in a while, rii~iiight?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and it seriously doesn’t get much different than my usual blonde self than this. which is awesome, in a cyberpunk.. goth… mechanical kinda way. 😉

get the look yourself:
skin; red mint prime pale 04 w/ makeup 03
hair; ploom valyra 2
tattoo upper 1; delusions numb
tattoo upper 2; collisions darkness emerging
tattoo upper 3; virtual insanity perv dead boi
eyes; insufferable dastard goat eyes in yellow (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings chest; hod symphony
shrug; panda express cyber shrug in onyx
arms; pixels demonbaby gloves in black
legs; sinistyle cybernetic legs
mask; neurolabs cyber mask x-2
spine; little pricks spinal attachment
collar; red mint studded collar no.03

location; the abyss

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