wooow, it’s already september. o.O months seem to fly by anymore, amirite? summer only has a few short weeks left (eeep)! makes me sad to see the warmer weather on it’s way out, i had a blast this summer~

but it’s inevitable. shorts && flip flops will soon be phased out for thick jackets and heavier fabrics (unless you’re like me && wear flip flops all year round.. teehee). so my look today *kind of* reflects the change in season. at least when it comes to wearin’ layers, anyway..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i just really wanted an excuse to wear this denim overshirt from aoharu that i picked up during their sale. some of my fave jackets are from aoharu && it’s always because of the lovely detail and texturing on their pieces. i’m not usually a denim jacket kinda girl, but this one with it’s layered undershirt && the fact that it’s just so *niii~iiice* left me without a choice. i had to have it. >:O

click to see it larger @ flickr!

yeah, i’ve already said it.. probably.. at least 3942342834 times here on my blog but. my favorite color? hot, hot pink. i have a really hard time resisting anything in that shade of pink and even though i’m a li’l late to the party when it comes to these heels from mstyle, my eyes were drawn to this magenta and stayed there ’til i finally caved && bought ’em. the toes were super easy to tint and the texture is so shiny and delicious that it makes the pink *pop* even more. and to top it off, these heels are, i think, the highest i own. added a good six inches to my height… totally makes me feel like less of a shrimp when around the general sl populace! \o/

and my top, which is *new* from onyx wear.. i know is a bit hard to see under my jacket so…

click to see it larger @ flickr!

…you’re welcome. 😉

insaaaaanely hot, right! you not only get the wet shirt, but also a full dress as well. and while i didn’t add ’em on, there are two prim attachments that make it seem like you’re really cold with your wet tee on… if you catch my drift. ;3 frank windlow does sexy so well && this top is ridiculously hot. there’s a black version too that’s just as sexy, but. i mean. come on. wet tee always makes you think of see-through white! and while you could go the modest route and wear a bikini or somethin’ underneath, y’know.. after takin’ a nice dip in the pool perhaps.. that’s just not as fun, is it?

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in gunmetal w/ glam lipstick in bubblegum
hair; lamb boyfriend in powder
tattoo; onyx wear steampunk
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; twee liska
top; onyx wear feucht shirt in white
jeans; zaara distressed jeans in black
jacket; aoharu vintage denim jacket in washed
heels; mstyle rivea pumps in magenta
necklace; hod the crosary
nails; tgis safari nails

poses; glitterati
location; the mother road

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