lil bit country~

when bff vivi’s birthday rolls around (which was the *24th*, btw 😉 it’s not too late to bombard her with happy belated bday IMs! and yes, i am still recovering from the party.. @_@), then i know summer is slowly winding down. my favorite season of the year is fall, mainly because of halloween(!!), but i love the warmth && the sunshine of summer. i’m not sure i’m ready yet to think about turtlenecks and scarves and orange/yellow leaves. i will cling to summer this year for as loooooooong as i can!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and nothin’ says summer like *teeny* lil tops && super short shorts! \o/

my look today evolved into something… country somehow. it wasn’t the way i started, but i like the way it turned out. :3 i dressed around the new top i picked up from t.whore, which i decided to wear in orange for a change. i own so much black.. and gray.. and white.. and dark gray… and light gray.. and black… and medium gray.. and blac– … well. you get the idea, heh. branching out in color was nice for once! i think this shirt is one of the few things i own in orange && i really, really like it. the way it’s unbuttoned and pulled to the side is incredibly sexy, but looks totally cute over a tank or a tee if you’d like to be more modest~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and, since i mentioned vivienne tailleur’s birthday… the necklace i’m wearing, from lacie cakes is 1/2 of a set i bought as a gift for her. the charm is half of a peanut butter && jelly sandwich (vivi owns the jelly side, and her charm says “friends”, while mine says “best”) and was so cute i could *not* pass it up. there needs to be more bff jewelry on the grid! i’d buy ’em up in bulk so so fast! she and i totally do go together like pb&j, but we could go together like peas and carrots (forrest gump ftw~)… or milk and cookies… cake and ice cream… *hint hint hinthinthint to the jewelry designers out there* half and half charms on necklaces or bracelets would be adooo~ooorable.

but damn, now i’ve made myself hungry. 😐 /fail

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pearl w/ juicy gloss in apple
hair; ploom sage in platinum
tattoo; para designs slash
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; acide ada
top; t.whore hot blouse in orange
undershirt; epic stayed halter in white
shorts; paperdoll rolled denim shorts in light wash
shoes; anexx fringe sweed sneaker in white (sale!)
bracelets; boom bangled mess in platinum
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
necklace; lacie cakes peanut butter (best) necklace

poses; glitterati (sale!)
location; am radio

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