i’m probably the last person on the grid to take advantage of it, but if you haven’t heard… there’s a *huge* sale going on @ coco right now. this makes my inner fashionista squeak with glee! lots of well-made goodies with hefty discounts is, like, right up my alley. but instead of taking the high fashion route with coco’s clothing && accessories…


…i decided to punk ’em up out li’l bit. :3

the fully sculpted vest, studded belt && insanely awesome over-knee boots are all from coco — and luckily for me, are things i’ve had my eye on for a long time now. the sale was just an extra excuse to purchase. \o/ and the way i’ve styled the pieces here is just a testament to how versatile clothes && accessories can be. suuuure, coco’s entire collection looks straight off the runway or right out of the hautest (yeah, i just made up a word) of haute couture, but. you can totally dress it down as well. which is yay imho!


since it’s bubblegum weekend, i decided to wear a hair i picked up from FLF a little while ago. i am loving the new colors from lamb, but this one (called my little pony omgaaahh!) is probably my favorite out of the bunch. super bright pink, a nice vibrant purple, and even a li’l white there in the mix makes for insanely awesome hair. i can’t seem to resist the pink and purple hair anymore, it’s slowly making my folder of hair double in size. but oddly enough, i am totally okay with this~ ;p

and this tank, from candydoll, is out for lazy sunday this week.. along with a second tank in white with another design across the chest. i *love*… lovelovelovelove these tanks (same tank that i blogged here, in fact!), the fit is nice && just low cut enough to be sexy without being.. overly so. 😉 it looks great under a vest, ooooobviously, but would be just as cute on it’s own.. or under a hoodie… or with a sweater over top.. or.. /me rambles on && on

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meloncauli w/ sheer balm in sherbert
hair; lamb mess in my little pony
tattoo; actchio peony dragon
eyes; aphotic gloom @ fashionably late aquilius in tira blue
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ear plugs; virtual insanity oh my goth ear plugs
piercings; ipoke morta (platinum hunt prize)
top; candydoll art top
shorts; epic kyoot pocket denim shorts in black
belt; coco wrap skinny belt (sale!)
vest; coco short vest in stripe black (sale!)
boots; coco knee high boots (sale!)
nails; fab pony sparkle square tip in cherry
necklace; tres blah cross necklace
horns; rue horn’d fool deux in wrought iron

poses; olive juice

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