it’s a boy

this is a first for me. O: in the entire.. what… year-and-some-months that i’ve been blogging, i’ve yet to have a boy pose with me. or anyone other than bff vivi, even. i always feel kinda *awkward* asking, like… “you wanna stand around on a pose stand with me for an hour or two while i perve-cam your face and… ask you to adjust your prims 9,000 times?! SOUND LIKE FUN?!”, but. sometimes it’s worth it. even if i’m a… boy-blogging-virgin.

/me eeps!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

at least he’s a pretty boy! 😉 just lookit that li’l face.. /me wants to smuuuush it

but really, while lars bleac is some arm candy for me, the real focus is.. and always will be.. me. aha! i mean, he looks nice in his suit and all, but this dress i’m wearin’. it is *smoking* hot. i picked it up at insanya (after seeing it on another fantastic blog) && the long sleeves with the suu~uuuper short skirt make it one of the sexiest dresses i now own. it comes in a bunch of colors and contrasting sleeves, but the solid dark gray looked ridiculously hot. it’s like a literal.. little black dress and unfff, i love it.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and nothing makes a sexy dress even sexier like killer heels. the ones i’m wearing i’ve blogged before, yes, but they definitely deserve a round two. they are from nardcotix && are just delicious — i adore the way the entire shoe looks, but the soles on the bottom are unique (as you can kiiinda see in the pic below!), and the fact that i had an insanely easy time tinting these make them a pair of go-to heels in my inventory.

and this haaaaaaaaaaaairrrrr omgah is from truth @ collabor88 and it has roots. ROOOTSSSS. my *new* hair color(s) of choice from some of my favorite hair designers tends to be ones that include roots.. not sure why, but i really like the way they look. so now that truth is making root textures too? gorgeous root textures at that, where my *usual* shade of blonde has roots now too? soollldd!! \o/

the entire collabor88 event is *amazing* though. i’m sure vivi && i will show off our goodies (from the event! get your mind out of the gutter..) in a post coming soon, haha. it’s just a shame there isn’t anything for the gentlemen out now, but i’m hopeful that the next round will. ’cause the guys need love too!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

err.. *coughs* not that kinda love. love in the hair && clothes department. but close enough~

if you want lars bleac’s styling info, you’ll have to pester him in world for it. which i *highly* suggest doing anyway, just for shits && giggles. … 😉

get *my* look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03
hair; truth @ collabor88 gabriel in swedish w/ roots (only 88L for the *fatpack* omgggggggg)
tattoo; actchio peony dragon
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; twee liska
dress; insanya cotton shirt dress w/ dark sleeves
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2
heels; nardcotix mana rosa maria in black
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
nails; rezipsa loc snowy white nails
necklace; addiction journey necklace

location; annon

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  1. not lars bleac

     /  08/10/2011

    no dont IM him.

  2. Kystria Aura

     /  08/10/2011


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