my own amusement

i *love* amusement parks. i love the atmosphere, i love the rides, i love the food (omg french fries, why do amusement parks always have the best french fries?!), and i love the general good times had with friends && family~

well, the general good times had with friends && family… when said friends && family are actually there with you. but this time, i was all by my lonesome..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

at least i looked cute while i was there. ;3

the short skirt i’m wearing is from berries inc && is *discounted* to 50L. there’s a whole flea market outside the store with cute separates all for 50L, including the skirt i’m wearing in an entire range of denim colors. summer time is perfect for short skirts, ’cause.. y’know.. help keep you cool 😉 and all, but you just have to be really careful while hopping off and on rides. luckily, no one was around to see, but i may or may not have flashed a li’l bit of skin while climbing off of one of the merry-go-round horsies. ..tee hee.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and fooooooood, i mentioned food didn’t i? french fries, mmm… cotton candy… caramel apples.. and ice cream. junk food paradise! and i picked up this conveniently appropriate tower-of-ice-creams pose from olive juice @ the summer gatcha festival. that’s gotta be at least three pounds of ice cream on mah cone, and the flavor on top looks like pistachio. delicious~! i could seriously murder an ice cream cone as big as that, despite how petite i may be. i’d probably feel like a beached whale afterwards, but i could so do it. /me drools

perhaps next time i feel like takin’ a ride on the ferris wheel, i’ll have someone to go with me. taking pictures alone is a-okay, but one can only scream “WEEEEEEEEE~!!” so loud while on the bumper cars alone so many times before you just start to feel silly doing it!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead petal in pure1
hair; truth midori streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs dragon’s lair
eyes; l.fauna charm eyes in rainbow
lip color; insufferable dastard fade gloss in hot pink (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; acide @ the grunge soul project pique
piercings nose/cheeks; hod cast off
piercings lips; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
top; kyoot chained thread top in white
skirt; berries inc legshow skirt in light blue (sale!)
bra; fishy strawberry soignee in nude
sneakers; kitty cattery diamond white cat shoes
socks; league side-gartered stockings in khaki
nails; the sugar garden stiletto claws in hot pink
bracelet; iced chrissie bracelet
necklace; hod the crosary

poses; glitterati
ice cream pose; olive juice @ the gatcha festival
location; snickerdoodle

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