frolic with me

/me frolics and skips and twirls around ala the sound of music

faun!vixxie + gorgeous elven fantasy forest-y sim = the hiiiiillls are aliiiiveeeeee~~ is stuck in my head. not that it’s a bad thing.. i enjoy the occasional showtune. *ahem*

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i like being a faun every now && again. or, ehe, more often than just every now && again. i like to mix contrasts (if you weren’t already aware ;p) — cute with creepy; frills with, say, combat boots; dark and light together. and a modern looking avatar with more fantasy-based *extra bits* makes me a happy girl. i love the way it looks.. it should be no surprise that i like the horns && hooves. i certainly wear them often enough. :3

this entire look, however, was built around the *new* digi-cuffed overalls from epic, which has become a staple in my sl-wardrobe for all things faun. i own so many ears, hooves, tails, jeans, boots, faun && neko parts from epic and these overalls had me droolin’ all over myself. they come with black and brown hooves but, y’know, would totally look cute with some tall boots if you’re not into the whole faun thing like i am. 😉

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my nails, tee && piercings were all 50% off from the stores @ onyx town. several brands are participating that own satellite stores on the sim, including onyx wear, with certain items marked down to half off. \o/ the nails i snagged from ey:no, which has another pair of nails set for sale too. the piercings are marked down at the virtual insanity store, and discounted piercings are always awesome. ;D aaaaaand the tee is from a *super* cute store (that i sadly had never seen before!) called manna — and though the design on the front is covered by my overalls, it has a cute li’l creature that reminds me of totoro on the front as well as the adorable ladybug on the back! you can see the design more clearly here, but if you want the top at half off.. you gotta visit the onyx town sim!

and can i talk about my change purse for a second? when bff vivi && i were doing the waffle fox hunt the other night (of which you can expect to see our spoils from that hunt, and others, coming up later in the week!), she and i both about died over the gatchas @ kue!. they are ridiculously cheap, in 10L && 20L versions, and the items are just.. so. damn. cute. little bunnies you can ride, lots of noms, shoulder pets and leg huggers and dksjghksjdghksdjghsdg also these change purses. vivi got a deer, adorable, and i got a pink puppy. a pink puppy. okay, there is nothing cuter than this coin purse. i want to shove lindens into that gatcha until i have them all!! /me mwahahahahahahs like a maniac

oh, last thing! i totes wasn’t kidding when i said the sim i was photographing on was gorgeous..

click to see it larger @ flickr — seriously! the small pic does not do it justice!

just.. look at that. it’s screaming for faun!vixxie to frolic all over everything.

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic lien buff in lotus 4b
hair; truth jean streaked in swedish
tattoo; actchio cupcake ponies
eyes; plastik jerusalem in carousel (subscribo gift)
lashes; boom liquid glaze lashed in black
beauty marks; mock mock and mole (past group gift)
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
ears && horns; k.p. shadow faun
piercings; virtual insanity @ onyx town listeria piercings (50% off)
top; manna @ onyx town esprit de la foret in blue gray (50% off)
overalls; epic faun/demon button overalls in black
necklace; kue! knit dog coin purse in pink (10L gatcha)
nails; ey:no @ onyx town colorful nails (50% off)
tail; pera fluffeh bow’d tail in black

location; elven mist

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