amazing views

i really really wish it was as easy to travel in my first life as it is in my second life. i’d chew my own *right arm* off to be sitting in a mountain-top park like this, instead of just seeing it on my monitor..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

/me sighs dreamily

this sim is stunning. and it made for an amazing place to take some *shadow-tastic* pics. which, i guess eases the pain of being unable to stand somewhere similarly beautiful irl.. if only slightly.

i desperately need a vacation. just a li’l break from the everyday, y’know? just vegetate somewhere pretty && let time pass me by for a while. some *vixxie* time, away from the computer (gasp!), away from irl stresses, away from everything. it’d be so nice.

someone that has a vacay comin’ up should totally pack me in their suitcase. :3 just sayin!

aaaaaanyway. onto more important things — my look for today!

*two* of the things i’m wearing are out for super bargain saturday, which i highly recommend grabbing before the day is over. one, my tattoo from para designs, which is a reworked version of a freebie from a li’l while ago. it comes fullbody this time, instead of just on the arms && chest like the freebie was, and there are two versions to pick from. and my tank, which is only half of the two-for-one from berries inc is super girly && in such a lovely color. the other tank included in your purchase is a nice neutral shade, but this one is pink (it’s marked as apricot, but it’s totally pink!) and i *love* the subtle design on the chest. and yeah, i like to be girly.. every once in a while~

and this skin — okay. last night, when i was discussing this skin with bff vivi, she told me something to the effect of… “yeah, that skin looks cute on you! ’cause you totally need a new skin…” she’s a sarcastic asshole sometimes ;p but i can’t help it! skins, i think, are probably my worst sl-vice. if i see a perdy face or a unique makeup, i’m *sold*. this skin, from atomic @ the dressing room about did me in. makes my tiny face so cuuuu~uuute! i loved it so much, i went && bought one of the the non-discounted versions at atomic, too.

it kinda makes me wanna wear less-tan && more-pale skintones. like the petal skintone from curio i wore the other day instead of my usual sundust. sometimes it fits a bit more with blonde hair to be a li’l sun-deprived, but we’ll see for how long i keep up with it. 😉

click to see it larger @ flickr!

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic @ the dressing room lien in buff
hair; clawtooth knitted up in wheat
tattoo body; para designs sailor jerry 3 (super bargain saturday item! gooo get it!)
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
eyes; plastik jaded collection calypso marina (subscribo gift — along with a TON of other items, too! :Q__ )
lip color; insufferable dastard lip stain in ash (group gift)
ears; pera droopy ears
piercings; hod dimpled && fusion
top; berries inc sbs top in apricot (super bargain saturday item!)
jeans; zaara classic jeans in dirty
belt; kristica belt gray (hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
necklace; virtual insanity donut necklace (hunt prize)
ring; primalot square hortensiculum (subscribo gift — sorry you can’t see it too well 😦 )
nails; pulcino girly french nail in pink && green (cheapie! almost everything here is less than 30L!)
nom; sassy kitty cherry mouth (part of a hunt prize)

location; calas galadhon

and add me on plurk!

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