so, i usually cover several hunts here on mah blog. i love them! i participate in many, though it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all of them. but there’s one in particular that i’ve been most excited about.

the waffle fox hunt starts *today*, the 15th, and includes a favorite store of mine.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

yessss, hod is participating in this hunt. \o/ have a giggle fit with me.

the piercings shown above, on my cheeks, are the hunt prize. and *nothing* in second life makes me more excited than free tattoos and free piercings. from left to right up there are the celtic swirl dimples in razor, slide && silver lining. they are nice && simple (y’know, for those of you out there that like to keep the holes in the face to a minimum ;p unlike me!), easy to fit.. and come in the fantastic textures and prim-work that aydan darcy is known for. ❤❤

the piercings on my nose && lip, as well as my necklace, are hod goodies too.. though not hunt prizes. 😉



if you’re looking for some ridiculously awesome piercings for your nips.. the lustful piercings, which come in a set of about a jillion rings && textures, are on *sale* for a mere 50L.

so *go*, at least for the freebie dimple piercings! you need them, seriously. … you’re welcome. ;3

your taxi to HOD.

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