grunge soul

/me coughs
if you haven’t added me yet on plurk, why the hell not!?!?!?


there’s a second installment of the grunge soul project up && running… and there are lots of goodies to be had.

bff vivi && i visited yesterday and all the discounted stuffs was a li’l overwhelming. skins, shapes, hair.. tattoos, piercings, shoes.. clothes… all so awesome, all my style, and all delightfully inexpensive. \o/ i was in shopping heaven~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

quite a good chunk of my outfit is from the gsp.. the jeans (which i am in *love* with, srsly) are by bazinga; the sheer top && the tank underneath are from acid & mala; my eyes are by insufferable dastard, which is slowly becoming my new favorite when it comes to gorgeous eyes; and the piercings, which there will be a better picture of below, are by annaa.

there’s guy stuff @ the gsp too, which is nice to see. the guys don’t get enough love when it comes to events. and the fact that there’s *so* many awesome designers in one place, all offering stuffs on the alternative side of the fashion spectrum, makes it that much better.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and, okay, this is totally unrelated to my outfit, but. can i just say how much i am loving the new firestorm viewer?! since i got my new pc, i’ve been able to run shadows.. but. on kirsten’s, i crashed constantly while trying to take snapshots. on the official ll viewer, getting shadows to actually show up took some.. finesse. and getting them to show up in pictures was even harder. -_-; more often than not, the pics would glitch and shadows would disappear. or, even worse, the entire snapshot would turn black. DX

but on firestorm, i click one button && shadows show up beautifully — in world and in photographs. i don’t lag with shadows on and my graphics cranked. and the fact that i can copy the names of all the items i’m wearing with *one click* — this viewer is like a blogger’s dream. i still have to grab slurls but i can totally do that. i loooooooove this viewer. it makes my life so much easier! \o/

oh, and back to my outfit.. *ehe*.. i’m wearing some freebies today, too. my tattoo is a hunt prize from para designs && ya’ll have to know how by now how excited i get over freebies @ para designs. and just as a head’s up — there’s a freebie cherry tattoo out for a limited time! go snag it && the hunt prize while you’re there!

the nails i’m wearing are the *new* group gift from candy nail && when i got the notice saying there was a new gift and new releases, my heart skipped a beat. candy nail is one of my favies for prim nails. and these are so tropical and so cute and so perfect for summer.

aaaaaaand the glasses, they are a freebie from berries inc. i have been on a glasses kick lately, i need more eye wear in my second life. these have a li’l bow on the side and come in a version you can modify ’til you get them *exactly* the way you want them to fit. love these — they have been glued to my face for the past two days. 8D

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in misery w/ juicy gloss in strawberry
hair; lelutka @ hair fair loose hair in marilyn
tattoo upper; para designs this one time at the… (hunt prize)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ gsp lightning strike
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; pera droopy ears
piercings; annaa @ gsp shame in silver
tops; acid & mala @ gsp double layer top
jeans; bazinga @ gsp naevia jeans in black
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black
heels; n-core coquette (looooooove these!!)
bracelets; acide nightmare of metal
necklace; primalot gravitation annulee 2.0
nails; candy nail resort cocktail (group gift)
glasses; berries inc silly goggles (freebie)

location; suicide city

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