i’m on a boat

first things first! i am on plurk. you should totally add me because i’m lonely and i need plurk-y friends. :3

/shameless self promotion

onto the actual post!

sometimes, all it takes is *one* article of clothing to inspire a whole ..theme for me. and when it’s a beautifully tailored *free* jacket, i can’t even begin to resist the inspiration it gives.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this *group gift* jacket from shine is probably meant to look.. military-inspired. but when i tried it on, the first thoughts that popped into my head were all piratey. not sure why, it doesn’t exactly look like somethin’ captain jack *swoon* would be wearing, but it just looks.. nautical to me. in a high fashion kinda way.

i tried, so many times, to take more snaps than the two above while on *location*. really, i truly did. but things just were not cooperating. i crashed a thousand times, shadows were bein’ wonky, other residents were there exploring (and rightfully so, the black spot sim is gorgeous!) && kept getting in the shots i was actually able to take… /me grumbles

so for the rest of the post, i’m stuck in my white box.. but at least shadows worked better && i didn’t crash while photoshooting! \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’m wearing a whole bunch of other freebies today, too~

my glasses are (were?) a hunt prize from candydoll, the swirleh face tattoo is a freebie from kristica, the nails && rings are a subscribo gift from virtual insanity.. and.. the red, white && blue necklace i’m wearing was sent out free to people sub’d to the primalot update group.

aaaaaand my hair! it’s from rezipsa loc @ hair fair and i love it to *bits*. there’s a dollarbie version in a nice, bright blonde that comes complete with a li’l buzzin’ bee floating around your head (sooooo super cute), but this version with it’s color-change headband sold me. it comes with matching hairbases(!!) that i am in love with because.. it is so. fucking. hard. to find hair bases that match the shade of blonde i prefer. i either have to wear a white hairbase, which often looks a bit.. off, or wear a darker blonde && *hope* it meshes well with the hair color i want. so i rarely, if ever, wear hairstyles that require a hair base.. but this? looooooooove!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead sundust in daze2
hair; rezipsa loc @ hair fair helen in 12pm
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
tattoo upper; actchio love has many faces
tattoo face; kristica face tattoo in black (freebie)
eyes; poetic colors ice crystal
makeup; boom liquid glaze lashed in violet
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
earrings; iced nadya earrings
piercings; cobrahive ouchie
top; blanco lace bodysuit in black
skirt; luck inc ruffled miniskirt in tartan
jacket; shine anne frank jacket in purple (group gift)
stockings; league side-gartered stockings in khaki
shoes; ricielli oxfords in gold
glasses; candydoll bow glasses (hunt prize)
nails; virtual insanity basic nails & rings (subscribo gift)
necklace; primalot a patriotic heart (subscribo gift)

location; the black spot

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