a girl can never have too many bikinis, riii~iiight?

fo’ sho~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

but i’ve got more than just bikinis to show you! :3 so many new things, in fact, that i decided to just plonk it all into one post of awesomeness.

so first! skins. i’m not gonna lie, i’m a skin junkie. i demo a ton of them (and buy more than i should v.v; but that’s a whole other subject).. however!! i tend to stick with brands i already know && love.. and just… buy every skin they make. 😉 the lovely skins i’m wearing today are from candydoll, a brand i do indeed know && love, and while i rarely, if ever, wear darker or lighter tones than one right around sunkissed… *unf* these skins were just too damn pretty not to show off in all the tones they come in.

so smooth, such lovely faces, and gorgeous makeups i’ve come to adore.

the bikinis, too, are from candydoll and the beautiful rebeca dembo has been on a swim wear roll lately. they’re not just plain bikinis, but come with li’l added details.. like the prim ruffles under the bust && some more extra ruffles on the bottom half (which i’m not wearing, but the bottom ruffles look cute with these swimsuits, too!). and, as always, you are spoiled when it comes to color choice. i *think* i snapshot’d all the colors, there’s 9 in total if i counted right, but if i didn’t.. well.. you’ll have to go check ’em out for yourself to see all the bright, summer shades. ;D

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and *t-shirts*! summer isn’t summer without a cute bathing suit.. and some nice tees to lounge around in when it’s too hot to move. these i’m showing off are all the new releases from t junction. the ones that hit just a bit above the bikini bottom are cut for the ladies, and the longer ones are for the guys… but. the shading is unisex enough, imo, to steal your boyfriend’s size and tug it on. plus, the first black t-shirt (pictured with the teal hair!) is just.. way too amusing. i’d totally wear it around even if it’s *technically* made for the gentleman.

so i’m… multi-colored vixxie today, between the skins.. the makeups.. the shoes.. swimsuits.. t-shirts.. && hair. a far cry from yesterday’s look, hmmm? ;p which, by the way, i ran around in *all day* yesterday. i probably freaked a good number of people out, which is fucking fantastic. \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

get the look yourself:
skins; candydoll tami
hair; truth evangeline
tattoo; illusory stars addiction
eyes; riddle @ tosl birthday gacha event vibrant pink eyes
makeup; chelle glamor puss in black
lashes; mock pandora lashes
piercing; roobix leilla diamond piercing (midnight mania prize)
swimsuits; candydoll fama swimwear
t-shirts; t junction *all* new releases
nails; love soul dark color french
heels; g field flower pumps

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