gamer girls

now that vivienne && i have peeled (reluctantly!) the animal pjs off, we can finally.. *finally* show off some of the cute things we snagged from the geekgasm hunt.

yaaaaaay! \o/

click to see it high res @ flickr!

as gamer girls ourselves (though, vivi is more of one than i am.. eh heh), we were quite excited to get started on this hunt. and we were not disappointed! there were lots && lots of cute things in this hunt, but vivi and i were particularly fond of all the free shirts we scooped up.

the top i’m wearing is the gift from grixdale and is just as nicely made as everything else i’ve ever gotten from there, freebie or not. which is awesome, because the quality of grixdale’s clothing (and skins!!) is always superb. i am forever searching my massive inventory for *nice* tank tops, either to layer under heavier tops or just to run around in (while i’m building.. *ahem*), and this one will be in heavy vixxie’s casual wear rotation i’m sure.

vivi’s tank pictured above is the prize from razorblade jacket && is a *total* throwback to our childhood. she and i both had the original nintendo when it was still relatively new (and truth be told, i *still* have mine, and most of my old games too! duck hunt ftw~) and it seemed like we were constantly blowing the cartridges to get the games to cooperate. she and i had a simultaneous giggle-snerk when vivi plopped this tank on. it’s just as old school as the clunky, gray gameboy i’m holding.. which is part of the prize from magnifique. totally reminds me of bein’ a tween.

click to see it high res @ flickr!

our tees here are the prizes from rezipsa loc (on me, in green) && intrigue (on bff vivi, in white). the t-shirt i’m wearing is *adorable* and the texture is so smooo~oooth. and fun fact, i wore this tee while runnin’ around, exploring last night (with the *free* sanu flats out at slb8, they match almost perfectly!). i’ll admit it, i’m a proud geek, and the design on the chest made me all warm ‘n’ fuzzy~

vivienne’s tee, on the other hand.. i’m not even gonna *pretend* i can understand the equation. i can only assume it’s correct, but even if it isn’t! how cute is it?! intrigue always makes cute && quirky t-shirts, and it was actually while hunting for this particular prize did vivi and i get totally sidetracked by the animal pajamas. but the freebie hunt prize is just as adorable as the pjs, just in a different sort of way. that entire store is adorable period, though, so it really should be no surprise..

my bracelet was a hunt prize, from frippery, as well as my ears from acide. and the eyeshadow && gloss combo we’re both wearing were *freebies* too, from mock. it was a good haul this hunt… and the fact that the hunt object was a blocky NES made it even better~

click to see it high res @ flickr!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly in chai
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue jeanne in beach mix
tattoo; para designs cosmic garden
eyes; ibanez ethereal eyes in cactus
makeup; mock princess peach mizu makeover (hunt prize)
ears; acide geeking ears (hunt prize)
top (pink); grixdale boom head shot gamer girl pink (hunt prize)
top (green); rezipsa loc geek t-shirt (hunt prize)
jeans; moloko jeans in black plain
handheld; magnifique gamegirl device (hunt prize)
bracelet; frippery it’s alive bracelet (hunt prize)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream strawberry
necklace; hod the path to forgiveness

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow (tentatively reopened — style cards need updated, so if you buy, i’ll send you the updated notecard once i’ve got ’em done!)
hair; truth kymberly streaked in crow
tattoo; para designs lil pony express
eyes; pestle & twig green peepers
makeup; mock ganon grey mizu makeover (hunt prize)
ears; acide punky elf
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && snake
top (black); razorblade jacket nintendo cartridge shirt (hunt prize)
top (white); intrigue geekgasm i♥u equation shirt (hunt prize)
jeans; insanya 92 denim shorts
nails; candy nail army black
necklace; hod mercenary necklace, cameron’s cross

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