tan && blonde. if you’ve read my blog.. ever, really.. you’ll know that tan && blonde is like my mantra. my motto. my way of life.

but this past weekend, bein’ all bubblegum has given me inspiration. def not a *permanent* inspiration (and truth be told, this probably is one of the rare times i’ll listen to said inspiration).. but it’s inspiration none the less!


yeah, both those looks? it’s li’l ole vixxie. dark hair && pale skin, it’s usually not my thing. but the new alizee face from candydoll is *sooooo* pretty that i could not help but embrace a vampire-esque kinda look. all i need is some heavy eyeliner, some fake teeth && a sim set on perpetual midnight and i’d be good to go! :K

in fact, it’s not just my skin(s), but the bulk of both of my outfits are from candydoll. the beautiful rebeca dembo is not only talented at making skins… but with super cute separates as well. the long-sleeved cropped tops are *new* && so are the low-cut capris — both in tons upon tons of color choices.

but the skin.. so gorgeous. and take a look at these perdy makeups~

click to see it larger!
from left to right ::
blue (my personal favorite :3), pink, smokey, natural, lila && green

now i’ve blogged candydoll skins in the past, so you know i already adore them. but there are two specific things i love about this skin brand.

one, no one on the grid makes skins with sexier stomachs than candydoll. hands down, all the skins i own && have tried from candydoll have the most perfect tummies out of my (large.. ahem) folder of skins.

and two, the lips. always so pretty && glossy. from really subdued, natural tones to bright and vibrant shades, the lips on candydoll skins are gorgeous.

alizee, however, includes mix&&match-able lipstick tattoos (win!).. so you can do as i’ve done and wear the smokey eye makeup with red lips in tan, or on the pale skin.. wear the blue eye makeup with the lipcolor from the lilac skin. customization is *huge* with me — i really like to customize to my own personal preferences. and makeup tattoo layers are such a big part of this.

oh, and! just as a head’s up to all you ladies like me who are less busty than the average avatar: alizee has several different cup-size options, all on tattoo layers. the base is less shaded around the boobies, but you can move up && down depending on what you’re wearing and how tittylicious you && your shape are feeling that day. plus, this skin… no matter which cup size you are.. has some *fantastically* sexy breasts. …i’m just sayin’.

i prefer to be perpetually *sunkissed*, but the paler tone is just as stunning. and looks great with dark hair, though *both* tones come with black && blonde eyebrow options. i will forever be a blonde at heart, but nothing is as gothic-sexy as alabaster skin and a contrast of deep black hair…


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll alizee tan in smokey w/ blue lipstick && alizee pale in blue w/ lila lipstick
hair blonde; exile @ TDR blue lucia roots in stefani mix
hair black; lamb oh sugar in ink
tattoo upper; para designs neptune
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in navy
plugs; pepper plugs stars
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && bull’s ring
tops; candydoll hottie in blue && black
corsets; sn@tch sookie corset in python && white leopard
capris; candydoll t.b jeans in black && white
heels; r2 kupulau (hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc @ kozmetika lemondrop nails
necklace; zenith feather necklace (hunt prize)
cigarette; hello dave smokes short

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