mmh, today is such a *lazy* day for me. i’m sleepy, it’s hot.. ever have one of those days? yeah, today is one of those for me.

so i’m wanderin’ the grid in jeans && a tshirt. obligatory lazy day wear! but i thought i’d … fancy it up a bit with a cute new jacket and some short heels.


said cute new jacket is from villena && with every item i acquire from there, i love the brand more and more. this jacket is fantasmagasmic — yeah, i totally made up a word for it. ;x if you need a good black blazer, because don’t we all, i *highly* recommend picking this one up. not only is it nicely inexpensive, but it’s also got a *pop* of color at the collar && cuffs. in brightly colored leopard print, no less! \o/

the tee i’m wearing underneath is a *freebie* from reek. while i was there the other day (eyeballin’ bandaids, of all things!), i slapped the subscribo && was shocked to see that i wasn’t already subbed. and a pack of tees dropped in on me, to my surprise~ two of ’em say “dude!” && the other two say “ohai” on super bright colored tops. i picked the blue one ’cause it matched my jacket, but the pink ohai tee is pretty cute too.


the rose-adorned pair of kitten heels i’m wearing are a hunt prize from lassitude & ennui. i’m usually not a fan of shorter heels, nor am i a huge fan of most things *floral*, but! these shoes are far too cute not to like~ and the price tag? not gonna lie.. makes me like them that much more. x3 they are a lovely dark gray with very ornate roses and leaves right at the toe. perfect for a suuuuuuper casual day like today.

and no, my necklace isn’t a *snack* for later. the charm may look like a big piece o’ nommable cheese, but it’s actually a dollarbie pendant from boing fromage (doesn’t “fromage” mean cheese in french too? how àpropos..). it’s huge, it’s awesome, it’s practically free && i think it’s one of the cutest necklaces i own.

y’know, i suppose it could be worse.. i could be so lazy today that i didn’t even blog, and what a travesty 😉 that would be. but i was really tempted to throw on some sweat pants and some bunny slippers && blog that instead, so. yay for li’l bouts of motivation?


get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 05
hair; truth penny streaked in swedish
tattoo; huz loveluck
eyes; poetic colors ice crystal
lashes; mock pandora lashes
ears; illusory elven ears a4
piercings; hod fallen v2
tee; reek dude! girls tee in goldfish (subscribo gift)
jacket; villena leo jacket in black-blue
jeans; paperdoll skinny jeans in charcoal wash
heels; lassitude & ennui nostalgia pumps (hunt prize)
nails; candy nail aquamarine (group gift)
necklace; boing fromage big cheese necklace (dollarbie)

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