we’re all stars now

do a li’l old school jammin’with me. i can’t believe how long ago that was ( makes me feel *so* old that i saw him live when that album came out! D; ), but i still love his crazy ass. ♥♥

not that marilyn manson has much to do with my look xD but i was feelin’ nostalgic today.

anyhoozles, onto the look~


i blogged some tattoo layer makeup from silenced the other day because of their closing sale. lots of goodies.. clothes, hair, skins.. all marked *waaaay* down. it’s always sad to see a SL store close, but stocking up on some sweet stuff for a low price is always appreciated. my hot pink jeans are from said sale, which are totally my favorite shade of pink, and the waist is perfect. not so low cut that my entire booty hangs out (which gets .. tiresome after a while ;/), but not yanked up to passed my belly button. it’s a good medium && the color makes these awesome imo.

the adorable ears i’m wearing are from twee. told ya i’d go back for ’em~ ;p they remind me *so much* of chobits && they feed my kawaii~~~! side — and yes, i have one, thank you very much. i like the goth, the punk, the grunge, the piercings && ink just as much, but sometimes… there’s this *squee!* girlishness that comes out and i just can’t help it. which is why i tend to mix in a li’l bit o’ cute every once in a while && these ears are just that! a bit o’ cute.


speaking of cute.. my choices in jewelry are absolutely adorable, too. the cuppycake necklace i’m wearing is from burroughs && even comes complete with color-change everything. the cupcake cup, the stones making up the frosting, the metal.. all of it is customizable. that’s probably my favorite thing about burroughs jewelry — it’s wonderfully made && i coulda made myself a hot pink and black cupcake to be all matchy matchy if i really wanted to.

the charm-filled bracelet i’ve got on is from primalot — another jewelry brand where almost everything is customizable. the beads, the flowers, the metal.. all of it is color change, too. i am in love with the largest charm && the big stone in the middle of it. the bracelet looks *so* vintage && yet still modern. and the fact that i can make it in any color under the sun (just about!) gives it a permanent place in my massive folder of jewelry.

plus, how *amaaaa~aaazing* are those boots?! i picked ’em up from deco this past 50L friday && i’ve been dying to find a look to blog ’em with. big combat boots like these, i’ve probably got at least a half dozen pairs.. but these are all strapped && so nicely textured. i am kickin’ myself for not getting the pink pair offered with these black ones, but i may have to go search for them on my own. black combat boots are sexy, but pink ones?! might as well call them vixxie’s ultimate favorite boots evar.


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva 1984 in caramel
hair; magika cody
tattoo; garden of ku neo3 forbidden planet
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; mock pandora lashes in noir
lip color; mock tia maria lip gel (part of a 10L!! set)
liner; zeery eyeliner in plum pudding (5L gift)
ears; twee perso ears
piercings 1; loulou&co kali
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
tank; toxic kitty teeny tank white
jacket; ronsem front open shirt in black
jeans; silenced kaly jeans in razberry (closing sale!)
boots; deco vincent boots in black (past 50L friday item)
nails; candy nail choco strawberry (lucky board prize)
necklace; burroughs cupcake necklace
bracelet; primalot springhassprung (part of a set)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt

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