love is in the air~

in case you haven’t heard, there is a hunt going on at ricielli. an *amazing* hunt. twenty different pieces, from shoes to separates to jackets to *skins*, dotted around the store for $15L each.

now, i may not be a math whiz (far from it, actually >.>).. but 20 new items for 15L each means *redonkulous* deal. you can expand your wardrobe considerably for the mere price of 300L total. it is fucking awesome!

and you know bff vivi && i were all over that like white on rice. you should be too, ’cause i have no idea how long these deals will last! the hunt is for valentine’s day celebrated in brazil, which was *yesterday* the 12th, so gogogogo and get your inexpensive fash’ on…

…after you read my post 😉 of course.


vivienne’s look all centers around some super hot pink. she && i both made drooly, glazed over faces when we realized *two* of the hunt items we’d picked up were shoes — and the ones vivi is wearing are a lovely magenta. they are the sophia pumps, of which i already own a pair, so i knew even before she put ’em on that they were gonna be sexy.

so she paired it with the maria jeans && la diva tank that’s in a nice, complimentary shade of fuchsia. it’s *quite* low cut, has the always beautiful marilyn monroe emblazoned across the front, and includes some fantastic prim and texturing — something i’ve come to know from ricielli. some of my favorite pieces (jackets!!!) are from ricielli && it’s because of their prims. always so well made and always very easy to fit.


my look was built around these smexy leopard print, high-waist paints. i’ve probably said it a thousand times on this blog, but i *love* high waists on clothing. skirts, shorts, pants.. it always looks sexy. combine that with animal print && it’s very, very *rawr*.

and the shooooooes! the heels i’m wearing are in a style i didn’t already own && i have no idea why. the bright orange carmelia pumps are *so* vixxie — chains, spikes and li’l crowned skulls right at the toe. i want to lick these shoes (carefully…), i adore them. plus in a fun color like this bright tangerine, it adds a bit of a *pop* on the feets — something that i’m guilty of doing *all the time*~


vivi && i accessorized it up with some prim nails (duh, it’s rare that we *don’t* wear prim nails).. hers, by candy nail and mine, by virtual insanity. vivienne’s are all cute && girly in pink with butterflies, while mine are more animal print. what can i say.. when i’ve got a theme, i really run with it. ;p

both of our tattoos are by para designs and the eyeshadow we’re both wearing is from virtual insanity, but while i opted for a more subdued set of *freebie* piercings from glue ink, vivi on the other hand went all out with a ton of holes in her face courtesy of hod.

it just goes to show you that *quality* pieces can…. transcend styles. sure, i can totally picture ricielli fashions in the highest-of-the-high style magazines, but they can still work for two punky li’l elf girls. we may not be toothpick-legged, nine foot tall haute couture models, but we can rock the ricielli goodies just as well as anyone. and for 15L a pop, it’s *def* worth giving it a try. i mean, just for those orange shoes alone….. /me sighs dreamily && gets lost in thought…


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; al vulo miha peach in pink
hair; maitreya faye in beach blonde
tattoo; para designs neptune
eyes; ibanez horizon in tropics && blue jay (lucky chair prize)
lashes; glow studio innocent lashes
eyeshadow; virtual insanity mermaid in canary
eyeliner; mock smokey c eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; glue ink face piercing (freebie)
top; ricielli carola top in black (15L hunt prize)
pants; ricielli clarissa highwaist jeans in leopard (15L hunt prize)
heels; ricielli carmelia pumps in orange (15L hunt prize)
nails; virtual insanity bengal nails
bracelets; primalot keera bracelet
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 02
hair; lamb cinnamon in ink
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; luck inc eyez in golden
eyeshadow; virtual insanity mermaid in coral
eyeliner; kyoot cateye 1 in fever 1
piercings; hod agony in razor
tank; ricielli la diva tank in fuchsia (15L hunt prize)
jeans; ricielli marie jeans 01 (15L hunt prize)
heels; ricielli sophia pumps in cerise (15L hunt prize)
nails; candy nail japanese soul in pink
necklace; burroughs victoria necklace

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