even while wearing a belt, i can’t seem to keep my panties up. go figure~


today’s look is all *camo* inspired, but not overly so. i mean, i am wearing camouflage undies && ink… i just didn’t go overboard with it (which is very easy to do!).

my slowly slidin’ off panties are from the gacha at sassy kitty. they come with this booty-baring version, but also a pulled up && normal version as well. there are *tons* of color choices && there are even separate gachas too for each set of patterns or designs. i was tempted to fatpack them, but the lure of the gacha.. i cannot fight it. it’s like gambling only with panties instead!

and the tattoo i’m wearing, from luck inc is actually a dollarbie. i was quite surprised when i was browsing the new tattoos to see the price for this one come up as 1L. it’s completely full body — even the hands && face are included. which is awesome, ’cause not enough tattoos include glove or face layers, but this one is all on one lovely tattoo layer~


my sweet smoking cat necklace is a freebie(!) from izumiya. i use quite a lot of their freebies, even still to this day. the poses, the jewelry, the accessories.. && this necklace, with it’s bespectacled kitten, is one that’s been in my inventory for seemingly forever. i still like it though, i think it adds a li’l extra *whimsy* to an outfit with a pendant like this one.

and i’m still on a teddy bear kick, just like i was yesterday, && when i won this adorable bear watch from the midnight mania at cute bytes i *immediately* had to equip it. not only was it freeeeee, but it actually tells time! the cute face, coupled with the band that totally reminds me of a furret tail /pokemon nerd, makes this more than a freebie. i totally would’ve bought it, but i didn’t even have to~ wiiin.

it may not be very practical for.. outerwear, to run around in one’s underwears in public, but for what i was doing today it was actually appropriate. i spent most of my afternoon gushing over two very cute kittycats that seem to have found their way into bff vivi’s && my house. i never really left my parcel, and thankfully i don’t have nosy neighbors, so puttering around in my panties was all i felt like doing anyway~


get the look yourself:
skin; grixdale teagan sparrow in honey
hair; truth lucia in swedish
tattoo; luck inc camobody (dollarbie)
eyes; poetic colors bright ice crystal (sale!)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
makeup; kyoot feline in basic black
plugs; pepper @ TFG devil plugs
piercings; hod the crow’s crux in silver lining
tee; pig anarchist slumber party full length in black
panties; sassy kitty slide ’em off panties in camo
boots; surf couture outlet parker knit boots in pink
nails; mstyle perfect long nails in french
necklace; izumiya bad cat pendant (freebie)
watch; cute bytes wrist watch bear (midnight mania prize)
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt
bandaids; reek bandaids in hallie stripes
garter; pepper garter weapon

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