bear && bunneh

you ever see something on someone else and go “goddamn.. i *need* that..!!”..? a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry, maybe a hairstyle?

that was me, two ridiculously cute li’l bears && one very slexy lady.


see that headband? i *could not* resist it. not only was it a dollarbie from spring field but it’s cute as all get out. there may or may not be four or five bear-y headbands, in various colors, floating around in my inventory right now, too. >.> but how can you say no?! the price is juuu~uuuust right && those teeny faces… it would take a cold-heart’d person to refuse to take them all home!

my spoon o’ nom was another cute thing i could not resist. it’s from the gacha at illusory && i really would have been happy for any of the flavors of dessert bunnies (banana one was adorable too, btw ;D), but this one.. pink and sprinkles and just the tiniest bit of cream on his itty bitty head… ugh. i’d be torn apart after eating something that cute, even if i’m sure he’d be mighty delicious~


nardcotix makes some of *the* nicest shoes on the grid these days. i have a freebie pair of red pumps from waaay back when that are glittery and scrumptious, so when i got the opportunity to blog these newly released wedges? talk about a squee moment!

the gloria wedges come in about a billion color choices, though here i’m wearing them in purple. the cerise is the epitome of *barbie* pink too, and were definitely a close second, but this purple is so rich && so bright.. it is the perfect shade of violet. nardya rousselot makes fantastic shoes, i gots to say.

oh oh oh! and! sales!! there seem to be lots goin’ on this week && quite a few of the goodies i’m wearing came from those sales. poetic colors has gorgeous eyes on sale (some 50% off, some *75%* off!), the sea hole has a whole slew of separates && dresses on sale for 50L including the high-waist shorts and tank i’m wearing (this only lasts until june 10th! gogogogo right now!), and sadly silenced is closing.. but is having a massive sale to help ease the blow. there’s hair && skin loveliness, and the tattoo layer makeup i picked up there was only 25L (there are other color choices too!).

bears, delectable bunnies && sales.. there’s not much else that could make this girl much happier than that~


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in candy
hair; ploom vin streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; toxic kitty ahoy sailor (dollarbie)
tattoo lower; para designs gecko (freebie)
eyes; poetic colors pink ocean (sale!)
makeup; silenced eyeshadow in metallic silver (closing sale!)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
ears; illusory elven ear a4
nom; illusory dessert bunny in confetti fun
piercings; kowp reverse
tank; the sea hole nerd flash razorback tank in katamari is gang (sale!)
shorts; the sea hole highwasted engineer shorts in black denim (sale!)
vest; cynful melJo
heels; nardcotix gloria wedges in purple
nails; tgis safari nails
necklace; primalot power flower 2.0 (subscribo gift)
headband; spring field miri bear hair band in purple (dollarbie)
anklet; burroughs shanti anklet (lucky chair prize)

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