for being june, today was rather… *chilly*. i mean, i wasn’t trying to bundle myself up in sweatpants && mittens, but. chilly for almost being summer. i am so ready for suntan weather… for bright blue skies, longer days && warm sunshine. today, though, it felt appropriate to dress in thicker fabrics. didn’t wanna spend all day shivering my balls off, after all~


the hooded sweater dress i’m wearing is from ancayi. so very cute, it *somehow* found it’s way into my inventory mere moments after spotting it in the store. funny how that works, hmm? ;D i know my long hair kinda covers it, but the back says bunny girl, which matches the li’l bunnies on the front pocket. the entire bottom half of the dress is one sculpted prim, with the hood and cuffs as extra attachments as well. nicely made, i am quite pleased with it.

so i paired it with some boots i spied on helyanwe vindaloo‘s flickr stream a while back. i only bought them recently but man, they were worth the wait. i have them in ash gray, but there are a bunch of colors to pick from. and the metallic pieces, as well as the nice && thick socks, are all color-change, too. i’ve got a thing for legwarmers and the socks on these boots are like legwarmers, but worn inside the boot rather than on top. looove them.


my skin today is from jesylilo && while browsing the feeds last night (y’know, tryin’ to catch up on the latest stuffs, ehe), i saw this skin on exactly 23482398 different blogs. and i can understand why, it’s an adorable face~ the body is nice too and the makeup is stunning.. for a brand i’m not familiar with, i am quite impressed.

i do have a couple complaints :< and i feel like an asshole for saying so, too. but. no blonde brows!! no light brows period! so disappointing, especially for someone like me that only wears blonde, white, or white-blonde (haha) hair. if you cover up the dark brows with bangs or, in this case, some cute gacha glasses from sweet leonard, you’re alright.

and the second thing… the lips. :/ at least on this particular makeup, they weren’t as crisp and clear as i would have liked. it’s a li’l blurry around the edges, which i honestly thought at first was just the skin not rezzing fully. it could have been just me though, so i apologize in advance if i just didn’t wait long enough for the skin to load completely. x_x;

otherwise, though, like i said. such a cute face. even dark brows cannot keep me from using a skin i like (see league’s taylor before the blonde version was released!), && i do like this skin. very much! if i didn’t like it, i wouldn’t be sporting it on my blog or in world.

some of the other goodies i’m wearing include a really nice bracelet from finesmith && the antlers which i am in *love with*, again from the gachas at sweet leonard. i cannot resist cute, cheap gachas.. they are a vice. between the glasses and the horns, i was in heaven and spent looooots of time throwing my lindens into the machines. and luckily for me, i’ve got bff vivi around to hold onto all my extras for me. ;3


get the look yourself:
skin; jesylilo lollipop in tan j12
hair; magika ren
tattoo upper; onyx wear muertos
tattoo lower; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; luck inc eyez in sapphire
makeup; cheap makeup lights liner #13
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
antlers; sweet leonard fa(u)ntasy gacha horns in love (40L gacha)
piercings 1; twee diamond
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
dress; ancayi knit dress with hood
stockings; american bazaar viper sock fishnet
boots; ploom lazy weekends in ash
nails; southpaw persephone sweetheart nails
bracelets; finesmith mimmi bracelet
glasses; sweet leonard gacha funny glasses in kill! (40L gacha)

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