vixxie has returned~

did you miss me? ;p

it’s a shame how “real” life can get in the way of things, isn’t it? i cannot explain fully in words how truly hectic things were for me this last week. and i feel bad, y’know, ’cause when things get busy in first life… second life takes the back burner. ;( and i missed it! a lot more than i ought to have.

but that was last week! this… is … well, obviously, this week. && i am *freeeeeeeeeeeeee* \o/ free to blog!

here’s hopin’ i’m not rusty. *cracks knuckles*


my look for today (or technically.. yesterday, as it is after midnight for me atm) is relatively simple. i thought it would be best to do something niiii~iiice and easy for my triumphant return. ease back into blogging 8D

so i built my outfit around my dress, that i’m actually wearing as a top more than a minidress, && it’s from candydoll. the saying, yeah, it amused me.. and rebeca dembo *spoils* her customers when it comes to color choice. there’s a ton of colors to pick from, ranging from dark colors to lighter ones, but white was my favorite.

the leggings i’m wearing are by kyoot and were, when i bought them, at the dressing room. since i’ve been MIA from second life for a week, i’m gonna wager a guess && say that these leggings aren’t still there ;/ but if they are then yay! they are really, really cute. leggings are a staple in my sl-wardrobe (if you couldn’t tell, aha.. i wear them in this blog all the time) so when i come across new ones, i may or may not do a little dance o’ victory. these have nice waistband && pocket details on them and i love how smooth they look. like i’ve been sewed into them they’re so tight!


accessories today are from hod that i know i blogged already, but be prepared to see them frequently here. aha. i love the quality in both the piercings && the necklace and the design isn’t bad either. 😉 it should be no surprise though, aydan darcy always delivers when it comes to amazingness.

and speaking of amazingness \o/ my tattoo is *new* from para designs. now i usually prefer colored ink to simple black (which is why i’m currently wearing the color version of the new tatt), but i gotta say.. the black version of this tattoo blew me away. it has an almost gradient look to it, very unique, and thankfully i’m wearing short sleeves so you can see the design. flowers and butterflies! totally girly and *so* cute. <33

a nice look, amirite, to come back to blogging with! hopefully i can get back into the routine of blogging daily (or every other day at least!), because it's so enjoyable for me. and after a week like this last one i had? having something enjoyable to look forward to everyday… oh it is so needed.

one good thing, though, about taking a hiatus for a week…. i now have *lots* of sexy blogs to read && catch up on. i know i’ve missed out on a lot! new shopping list, here i come ;3


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember gyaru in nudey
hair; ploom benten streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs butterfly medley
eyes; shine silent lucidity
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod the crux
top; candydoll sexy smile in white
jacket; niniko retro blouse in black
leggings; kyoot nonsensical pants in autumn leather (past TDR item)
boots; gos docs 8 hole in black
nails; pulcino border nail in black && red (freebie)
necklace; hod the crosary v2
bracelet; pink inc teases bracelet (freebie)
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black

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