argyle && tube socks

yeah, it’s *definitely* clear that fall is here to stay. i’ve had the gloomiest, chilliest, windiest last few days in my first life and while i’m sad to see summer go (and sad to put all my cute bikinis away :().. i suppose the best thing would be to embrace the season-change with open arms!

and bare legs. ;3


during the fall && winter months, i live for layers. thermals, long-sleeved tees, sweaters, hoodies… i’d rather wear an undershirt, top and jacket than a huge, bulky sweatshirt. if i get *too* warm, i can just shrug off the outer layers. with one sweatshirt on… i mean, i suppose i could walk around in my bra but i doubt anyone would wanna see that!

so i layered a little bit with today’s look, combining a long-sleeved top from ha! with a short-sleeved tee from arai. the gray tee, with it’s amusing car design, is actually a freebie in the store && i was really surprised. it’s nicely made and includes awesome prim work, the hem is big and poofy and looks about 10 sizes too large for me. but i still like it! \o/

but since my upper half was so fully-covered, i opted for some cute && tailored shorts i picked up from c’est moi instead of longer pants. i really like these.. from the semi-shiny fabric texture to the folded cuffs && pinned up hem on either side. details can make or break an article of clothing and these shorts have juuuust enough detail to not be overdone, but to really add to the garment. plus, they’d look *super* adorable with some leggings and boots on… /me taps her chin.


when it comes to skins, there are definitely things i like. i definitely like cleavage options *on* the skin, bright makeup is always a plus, blonde brows…. are a must, a little bit of a tan doesn’t hurt && i tend to gravitate towards skins that also give options for freckles. i’m not sure why, but i love the way a freckled face looks. finding skins that have all of that? sometimes, it’s kinda rough! especially when it comes to brows… blonde brows seem hard to come by. sad face.

BUT! with the tattoo layer, i can add freckles (as well as lashes, eye makeup, lipstick, moles, etc etc) onto my favorite un-freckled skins and this makes me *so* happy. when i saw this lovely post with extra freckles…. yeah, it totally made me giddy. they are *beyond* adorable and are from l.fauna. the freckles aren’t on just the face either, but aaaaaaalll over the body. amazing~

and! to go with the layered theme, these argyle armwarmers + nails + rings (!!!) from virtual insanity kiiiiiinda made me giddy as well. purple and red looks so awesome together and the flower ring on v/i’s nails is something i am totally growing to love. and the best part? i can wear prim nails *and* arm socks at the same time. they are all one attachment for the hand, then the extra glove part on the forearm. very innovative && very appreciated. i hate having to choose between gloves and my nails!

i guess the good thing about embracing the autumn, as i’ve mentioned before… is halloween. i mean, i was already out shopping for a halloween costume for my avatar (at the end of august, ahem) && i’ve been eying fun, haunted, spooky places to take my friends to. fall may mean colder weather, though it’s a welcome change this year after a blazing hot summer, but it *also* means haunted houses… scary movies… and candy!!! \o/ woo!


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva 1984 in caramel
hair; truth diana streaked in swedish
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; by snow spring eyes in blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
earrings; iced peyton earrings
piercings; hod lure
undershirt; ha! long sleeved top in white
tee; arai car tshirt (freebie)
shorts; c’est moi girly shorts in black
socks; acid & mala urban tube socks in clear gray
shoes; dp yumyum simple pumps in white
nails; virtual insanity argyle armwarmers + nails && rings
necklace; mariposa rainbow light

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