my look for today is on animal print overload && i am… totally okay with that!

i know i warned yesterday that my blog would most likely be filled with ricielli stuffs for at least a little while and i wasn’t lying. šŸ˜‰ my animal print all starts with my pink ‘n gray, high-waist skirt that i picked up from their sale~


i fucking *love it*. not only is the skirt hot, but it comes with some extras i wasn’t even expecting! \o/ the waistline is a prim piece that adds just that extra, small detail of realism. and the belt was included as well, which was a very nice surprise. the texture, the details, the super sexy way this skirt accentuates my curves… seriously, i’m a sucker for high-waist skirts && pants, but this print makes it even more awesome!

so i paired the skirt with a sheer top by has been. sexy skirt + sexy top = sexy all around, aha. but this top, though it’s sheer, is still modest enough to keep the goods decently covered. and the adorable cuffs && collar add just enough femininity to make it *cute* as well as hot. a little frill goes a long way with me, but touches of it can turn a plain sheer shirt into something more interesting. plus it makes my boobs look great && helps show off my tattoo (more on that later!), so i can’t really complain. :3


so since i was already wearing animal print, i decided that more animal print couldn’t hurt. the bangles i’ve got on are by glow studio && i snagged ’em for extra-cheap at the dressing room blue. leopard print in brown and gray, plus a little zebra thrown in for good measure.. it’s definitely not *subtle* but i’m not covered head-to-toe in it. accents are good, even if the accents are large && shiny bangles.

my nails && rings are actually a set i *totally* forgot i owned. which is so sad, ’cause i love these! rediscovering items in your inventory can be so exciting sometimes~ the bling’d out nails are from luxg and i adore the huge gemstone ring included. each nail is even painted differently (and if you look closely, a couple are zebra print :D) and all of them are studded with rhinestones. they also include an animation built in to try and help prevent the annoying hand-spreading that seemingly happens at random. for someone like me who practically lives in prim nails, this is such a life saver. i don’t have to worry about my nails going outta whack, YAY!

and now, my tattoo. it is from, by far, my favorite tattoo shop *evar*. para designs has this tattoo, called venom set out for super bargain saturday. and it is so, so worth it. you have to go pick it up! it comes on every layer imaginable, including 2.0 tattoo layers, and while it’s only in black.. it does come in light, medium && dark shades. paranormal putzo does such fantastic work on tattoos (as i’ve previously gushed) and every release keeps getting more and more perfect. i love how the design scrawls across the chest with this tatt and hell~ooo.. it’s discounted for one day only. go get it, nooowww! >;O

animal print, ripped up leggings, heels so high it’s a wonder how i can keep my balance && awesome new ink…. for very late friday night into saturday, i’d say it’s pretty appropriate. now all i need is a party to hit up and a cosmo in my hand and i’ll be set.


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor blonde medium in twilight
hair && hairbase; lamb @ hair fair glass candy in powder
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod fusion
top; has been sammie top in black
skirt && belt; ricielli anita high-waist skirt in gray leopard
leggings; sweetest goodbye group gift leggings (..group gift! xD)
heels; maitreya shanti in black
nails; luxg one stone nails in silver
bracelets; glow studio @ TDR blue wild animal bracelets

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  1. Gorgeous outfit!

  2. i love it…so unique but it works

  1. Nice Hair photos

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