it seems like there have been so many sales in recent weeks. not that i’m complaining or anything cause… fashion is awesome, but *discounted* fashion is even better! \o/ and ricielli is the latest store i’ve heard of having a huge 50% off sale…

so naturally, i went && proceeded to buy one of everything! wee~


i can guarantee that in the next few days, my blog is gonna be filled to the brim with goodies i snagged from the sale at ricielli, so be forewarned! and my *fierce* 80’s-inspired, gold studded jacket in today’s look is from said sale.

the detail on this jacket is phenomenal, i looooove the hyper-pointy shoulders. everything i’ve bought in the past (and everything i bought today, mweheh) is of exceptional quality && this jacket is tailored so nicely with lovely prim work. it was easy to fit, too, which is always nice. sometimes i have trouble with jackets that include prim lapels, just because they are usually fitted on a model with a.. ahem… larger chest than i’ve got. but this fit almost perfectly right out of the box!

my top is actually a dress that i just… decided to wear as a long, low cut, zippered top instead of as a mini dress. either way, it’s pretty cute. it’s from vextra fashion, which is a new brand to me, but this dress is totally my style. and just as a head’s up, the red version of this dress? so super hot. πŸ˜‰


the boots i’m wearing are.. mmm mmm mmm, so delicious. they are from sini style && knee-high boots period are always sexy. these however are covered in belts ‘n buckles and actually come with a thicker stacked heel (i’m wearing the optional shoe base that turns the lower part into a platform), which make them *that* much more awesome. they look like kickin’ ass sorta boots, don’t they?

and my hair…. ah, good old truth never seems to disappoint. every single week, his releases just get better && better. there has yet to be a release where i haven’t found a hair i love, though typically.. there’s two or three (or in the case of last week? all six!) that i’ll adore. this week, the hair i’m wearing today is by far my favorite. even though you can’t see it, ’cause i made it invisible for this look ;3, there’s a little color-change tie that’s right by the neck in the front. and the streaks… just… unf. streaks + truth = insta-love for vixxie. ❀

add in, probably, my favorite makeup on a skin ever from laq, a few accessories from love soul && loulou&co, and just a peek of the tattoo i’m wearing from aitui… while i may be channeling some hardcore 80’s with my shoulder pads, my look for today totally gives off the i may be tiny, but i can totally kick your face in sorta vibe. πŸ˜‰


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup 08 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth lila streaked in swedish
tattoo; aitui sacred pain
eyes; ibanez tranquil eyes in evangeline (subscribo gift)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; star piercing tea
dress; vextra zipped leather dress in black
jacket; ricielli misseiling jacket in black
jeans; aleida ale jeans in burleywood
boots; sini style deception boots
nails; love soul sexy girl in red
necklace; loulou&co like blood (subscribo gift)
horns; epic fantasy fusion faun horns

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