house of munster

…makes *awesome* hair.

why haven’t i heard of this brand before the hair fair?! am i living under a rock or something? ’cause the hair from HOM that i blogged the other day && the hair i am wearing in today’s look both are from house of munster and are probably on the top of my list of faves i snagged at the fair.

so cuuuute~


every single part of it is color-change. the hair itself, the little bow, the bangs, the coontails.. *everything*. i chose blue to match my top && picked pink because… i like pink :B, but there is no shortage of color options. plus the cut is cute and i dunno, house of munster is new to me but it’s awesome and i am so sad i’ve not taken advantage of this brand of hair before!??!

so because, of course, i dressed around my awesome hair.. i decided to sorta run with the whole *striped* theme and put on a top i picked up from black & blue outfitters a little while ago during one of those… day-of-the-week specific sales. coulda been thirsty thursday or maybe hump day happiness, i don’t honestly remember. but i really like the shirt and the color is a bright, vibrant blue.

and! just as a head’s up~ the pants i’m wearing are actually shorts (sans the prim cuffs that came with them) and are a *freebie* from the hair fair. i know, right.. i sorta went shorts from the *hair* fair? too, but there’s a hair included in the gift, too. though i think it’s a hair designed for males, i couldn’t get it to look quite right on my avatar. but the shorts are worth it alone for the ladies. i really like them ❤


my necklace is a freebie too from the hair fair, haha. but it came with some cute cupcake hats too and that’s hair related! the jewelry was just an extra bonus. you can pick it up at the milestone creations stall, which i’ll link to (as always!) in my styling credits. *all* the things i snag at the hair fair will be linked to the specific booth it’s from, just to save you time. you’re welcome. 😉

the bright pop o’ orange on my wrist is thanks to a cute paper watch i got out of a gatcha from the sale at creators pavilion. while i think the sale is over (sadface), i am hoping the watch is still up for sale at aramode.. because it’s adorable. it came in a bunch of colors && i actually like the contrasting mango-color with this look. plus, y’know, i was already bright thanks to my hair. what’s a little more color gonna hurt?

i still haven’t totally scoured all the booths && freebies at the hair fair, which is totally alright with me. it gives me something to do when i get bored and none of my friends are on to pester. \o/ i also want to blog showing off my fayse shapes (in case you aren’t sick of hearing about them yet ;)), there are a couple of hunts i want to blog with bff vivi….. so much blogging, so little time to do so! @_@


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva mellow yello in caramel
hair; house of munster @ hair fair scene queen xtreme in platinum
tattoo; garden of ku neo3
eyes; glam affair stella eyes (past the dressing room item)
lashes; glow studio innocent lashes (past the dressing room item)
makeup; t.whore makeup 10
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; iced piercing set 11
top; black & blue outfitters women’s bf shirt in teal
pants; derp @ hair fair cargo pants in stripes black (freebie)
boots; avz wrapped boots
gloves; sini style taped fist & black nails in full fist
necklace; milestone creations @ hair fair shell necklace (freebie)
watch; aramode paper watch in mango orange

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