viewer woes

oh today was probably the worst slday in my own personal history of sldays. >:| i was having *all kinds* of issues, that centered only on my choice in viewers && switching to new ones.

with all the drama centering around emerald, i decided that no matter how much i love that specific viewer… it was a good idea to just get the transition to a new one over with. i tried 2.1 from LL && while i adore the options from it in theory (omg multiples of the same layer! <3) actually using it was rough. it took forever to load my inventory, i didn’t like the interface, i couldn’t figure out where certain things were (though, i guess i could watch a ton of torley’s awesome tutorials and learn..), i just wasn’t impressed.

then i crashed about 50 times using my old 1.23. ;/

and then i tried imprudence, which is the viewer i’m using atm. it’s nice && has a lot of the features i really enjoyed in emerald, but it again took forever to load up my inventory and i had troubles taking mostly-clear snapshots.

so, forgive my photographs for today’s look. they are even crappier than my normal crappy pictures, aha. the look itself is really, really cute though.. so perhaps ya’ll will forgive me? ;( it was a stressful day in second life for me today, but i wanted to post regardless~


i’m wearing lots of awesome newness, so let’s jump right in!

the top i’ve got on is from boom && i *love* it. it’s cropped, but not overly so, and the prim hem && collar add so much lovely detail. plus there were about a jabillion color choices, i had a hard time picking which one to buy. i went with black, because most of my inventory is black, but the pop of orange and yellow across the chest was a nice change. just as a head’s up, the light pink polo top… really, really cute as well. 😉

and the shorts i’m wearing, they’re also new from nv. they actually come as a full set that includes the shorts, a belt && a top all nicely sculpted and textured. the shorts are my favorite part of the set, though the entire outfit is hot. and the reason the shorts are my faves? i suppose you can see for yourself in the half of that pic up there where i’m turned around. ;3

please click to see it larger!

laq about killed me with their latest release. tess2 is so ridiculously cute, i can’t stop looking at myself. \o/ the lips on laq skins are always gorgeous, but the shape of tess’ are just *adorable*. little heart-shaped mouth, i love it. the makeups are beautiful as a whole, which is something you come to expect from laq’s quality. there’s quite a variety in eyeshadows && lip colors, ranging from subdued to innocent to total glam. so versatile && so. fucking. cute. much love for tess <33

my hair is also new. it’s from one of my favies for hair, ploom. streaked hair from ploom always has a generous amount of color-options (in this case, there is… ready? *72* streak options for the pigtails!) and the styling on this hair is amazing. twisted piggies with side-swept bangs, you cannot go wrong. and the swedish blonde hair color is nice && bright, just the way i like it!

lots of newnewnew for me today, both in my look && in my choice in viewer. i suppose new can be a good thing…. change is inevitable. but when you get *so* used to doing things one way, finding other ways to get to the same end can be kinda rough. it just takes some getting used to, which i hope goes fast. i hate feeling like a slnewbie again when it comes to my viewer. D;


get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 04 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; ploom hoschie in swedish
tattoo upper 1; fayse hateful spear (coming soon!! i’m workin’ on it~)
tattoo upper 2; onyx wear akido
eyes; ibanez tranquil eyes in priestess (subscribo gift)
piercings; hod lure
top; boom surf polo in black
shorts && belt; nv psycho in black (part of a set)
socks; milk motion my leopard socks
sneakers; jp dsg sneakers multichange (group gift)
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; hod fallen necklace
bracelets; apple may designs vintage bangles
hair clips; lcky demon wing hair clips in black

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  1. Canoro

     /  09/03/2010

    maybe it took forever to load your inventory in the new viewers because in emerald you had it in the cache.
    give a chance for the new viewers to get the things in the cache and they will work just fine.

    • well, yes… i know it was cached in the version of emerald i was using frequently. xD it just seemed to take *exceptionally* long to load from the beginning, like 40 minutes in LL’s 2.1 and my inventory is not so massive. maybe i’m just too impatient!

  2. Min

     /  09/03/2010

    LL’s 2.1 never worked for me either. I even tried it on an alt that had no inventory and I was a cloud for about 10 minutes. I also found it too bulky and so much wth. I think they overdid it.

    I really had no idea about the whole emerald drama until someone told me like 2 days ago and I kinda am still not putting my 2 cents in on it, but I have switched to Emergence for the time being and it’s basically the same thing as emerald minus the drama, done by and ex emerald developer. I love it so far so you might want to check it out 🙂

    • ohh, yeah.. i forgot all about emergence. i might give that a try if i feel up to it. thank you for the reminder~

      bulky is a VERY good term to describe 2.1. i really wish it wasn’t so clunky, because i’d love to take advantage of the *good* things it offers. i just can’t get past the UI.. so awkward to use. ;/

  3. turn on anti-aliasing and imprudence photos will look good again. also high res snapshot which is in the snapshot panel.

    • anti-aliasing… how in the WORLD did i forget to turn that up? thank you, haha <33

      • its been a common complaint actually lol i think people are just forgetting because they have been using another viewer so long they forgot they have to go and set that preference :p

      • that sounds about right xD that’s exactly what i did!

  4. Ellu, i’ve been switching between Phoenix and Emergence (same as emerald, different name… and minus the bad stuff) maybe check those out…. i find them pretty awesome and not to laggy or anything…

    • hiya (: yeah i eventually settled on phoenix, i like it the most out of the third party viewers i’ve tried. phoenix is a pretty great alternative, especially since i’m so used to emerald! xD


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