like a riot like a riot

i know i’ve mentioned it like a billion times, but music really helps with the blogging process. and i’m the kinda person that finds a song && it just gets *stuck* on repeat.

the song i’ve been listening to (and am currently listening to!) is by phoenix && i am so obsessed with it. so you couuulldd say today’s post.. sponsored by lisztomania. \o/

on with the look!


every couple of weeks, i get so pumped for new stuff at the dressing room. i know i always post about sales, discounts, gifts, freebies && cheapies… but TDR && TDR blue are like the mecca of discounts. so many fantastic designers and quality items set out for ridiculously low prices.

and today, my look features several things i’ve picked up from the dressing room collections!

the top i’m wearing is by fishy strawberry from TDR and at first, i sorta thought the design on the front was a ribcage (which, honestly, is why i bought it.. ehe) but it’s.. actually not. i’m not sure *what* exactly the design is supposed to be, lulz, but the top itself is really cute! the part across the boobies is actually a prim, giving a lot of depth to what could be a flat clothing-layer only. and plus, you could technically cam down my shirt with the prim piece on. y’know, if you wanted to. 😉

my eyes && lashes too are from TDR, by glam affair and glow studio. glow studio always has lots of goodies set out and these lashes are delicious. they were *so* easy to fit (and lashes are one of the things i have most trouble with ;/) and i love how dramatic, but realistic, they look.

and the eyes.. oh goodness. it’s no secret that my eye color of choice is blue, but my *favorite* color for eyes is icy, frosty, so-light-it’s-almost-white sorta blue. like fiona apple blue and these eyes from glam affair are that exactly. <333


my piercings today are a *new* release from hod. the lovely adyan darcy just keeps releasing more && more amazing jewelry and these piercings… i want to hump them. the set i’m wearing is called bump in the night (loooooove the name, too!) and even though my hair is covering it, there’s four eyebrow rings included in the set, too. there are two other, different piercing sets out as well and an exclusive fatpack of all three right here if you’re interested~

the bracelets i’m wearing, along with my cute orange nails, are from my mall-mates edge grafica && pulcino. the bracelets are *free* and the nails are from a 5L gatcha, both incredibly good deals and very nicely made. i love the safety pin detail on the bracelets and… really.. i think i own *all* of pulcino’s glove-layer nails. i’m a sucker for nails, both prim & glove versions, and when they are cheap and well-made.. it’s like a nailgasm for me.

plus, they’re both in the same mall my new store fayse is currently set up. support for the designers with good taste in location is a plus, hmmm? ;D


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola sunkissed in makeup 4
lipstick; lelutka lola lipstick in orange
hair; truth danielle streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs reverence
eyes; glam affair @ the dressing room stella eyes
lashes; glow studio @ the dressing room innocent eyelashes
piercings; hod bump in the night
top; fishy strawberry @ the dressing room tube top in parade gray
jeans; remy high psy denim in syrim
shoes; duh sneaker boots in bleached white
nails; pulcino gacha nails in choco-orange
necklace; kanival dog tags (freebie)
bracelets; edge grafica 37 bracelet in black && white (freebie)
belt; blitzed classic belt
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded

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