yew haz such a purty fayse

so! two weeks ago, i posted a quick blog, mentioning that something exciting was in the works for me.

truth is, it’s been something i’ve been working on for *months* now. and finally… finallyFINALLY i have enough of my work done to be pleased to announce….

.::faYse::. Logo

…the opening of .::faYse::. shapes~!! \o/ \o/

see! told ya it was exciting!! 😀 at least, it’s *totally* exciting for me, haha.

it’s a play on words, fayse is pronounced just like face. the name stems from the simple fact that i wanted to be able to tell customers enjoy your new face! without sounding creepy, eh heh.

since i take quite a lot of pride in the fact that my avatar is itty bitty in height, i decided that if i were to open a store selling shapes… i’d sell petite shapes *exclusively*. not everyone wants to be a 7-foot tall glamazon && while that seems to be the norm nowadays in second life, i figured i’d cater to the niche that my own avatar fits into. :3

having a quality, well-made shape is just as important for your overall look as it is to have a quality, well-made skin.. hair.. clothing.. or shoes. your shape is the base for everything to fit onto. if your shape doesn’t look good, your skin won’t look good. you’ll have trouble fitting hair or piercings or belts or prim skirts. and having a proportionate, versatile shape means more skins will work with your shape without having to tweak the sliders.

a *full post* showcasing my shapes (with the help of good ole bff vivi) is coming in the next week or so, but i got so pumped about having most of my work finished that i couldn’t wait to blog about it. 8D;;

but! there is a dollarbie shape set up for sale both inworld and on xstreet (links below) to celebrate the opening of .::faYse::.. her name is jo..

.::faYse::. Jo Shape

…and she was made with another *dollarbie*! the skin from mother goose is only 1L, get an entire new look for only 2L *total*!

you can visit my flickr stream to see previews of the rest of my shapes.

you can visit my store in world at the ys mall @ wyrlsong to pick up some demos (and clicky the subscribo ;)). please ignore the sparse decoration, it’s not finished yet!

and you can view all my shapes on xstreet if you’re not in world.

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  1. Kit Jordan

     /  08/30/2010

    Oh my gosh, how exciting! I love them! Great job, hon!


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