and live in harmony harmony oh love

amazing how out of it you can feel when you don’t blog for a couple days!

i needed a day or two to, um, *recuperate* from vivi’s birthday festivities, eheh. but while i feel only mildly rusty, i decided to do a nice && easy look for today. something i’d call… casual faun?


my jeans && hooves all in one is from epic, which is fast becoming a favorite of mine for the faun-bits. these jeans are cute on their own, but when you have the option of wearing full jeans all the way down to the foot and still be a faun without having to wear your legs *over* the jeans (lulz, sounds so odd!) makes it nice. plus, i’m a sucker for distressed && ripped up jeans, so these were kinda a no-brainer for me.

the top i’m wearing (that oddly reminds me of robot unicorn attack, hence this post’s title) is from aitui && is part of a sale solely on women’s clothing. while it sort of makes me sad that aitui is doing away with the women’s collection, the sale makes me a wee bit happy on the inside. and besides, there are *plenty* of stores out there that cater only to stuff for the ladies, so aitui selling only men’s is a good thing. the guys need some love, too!

plus, as long as the ears && tattoos stay unisex, i am a happy camper. :B


my *huge* cupcake bling, that i found out about thanks to a slexy fashionista, is from shade throne && is aaaaaaawesome. and for only 10L, it is a welcome addition to my massive folder of jewelry. i love that it almost looks like a large gangsta pendant, but in cupcake form. golden cupcakes totally give you street cred. ..totally.

the nails i’m wearing, i’ve worn a few times before. they are from xplosion && i *love* the rings on these nails. they’re so unique and i don’t own another pair that includes rings down by the fingernails like these. plus, they are color-change and that’s always a good thing. buying something cute in one color is sweet, but buying one item that comes in a shit ton of colors is *even* better!

so i took a *small* break, due to laziness and maaaaaaybe a hangover, but getting back into the swing of blogging daily isn’t that tough. especially when you enjoy it the way i do. rambling about cute stuff && plastering the feeds with my lovely face ;).. c’mon… it’s not insanely hard work~


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; truth justine in swedish
tattoo; para designs leopard spots tattoo
eyes; amacci real eyes in purple (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
fangs; porcupine love vampire teeth
piercings; iced piercing set 11
tee; aitui baseball tee in unicorn red
jeans && hooves; epic low rise mini jeans skirt in zebra grey
nails, rings && bracelets; xplosion gallant in black
necklace; shade throne the big love necklace (only 10L!)
ears && horns; sanu succubus basics in black
tail; pera fluffeh bow’d tail in black
chain wallet; dustarzz suede wallet

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